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Gopro strange noise when moving the stick

Hi everyone.
Yesterday finally i buyed my first gopro.
But i have some doubt here.. when I move the stick, spinning with fingers, there is a strange noise like a door creak.
How can i fix that?
Tried with 2 diferent stick, same

Sample video:

Hero 5 black with 3-way original stick.

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Re: Gopro strange noise when moving the stick

HERO Session first waterproof camera the hero 5 session both no sound issues


the Hero 5 and hero 6, are wit hthe wrost hand movement sound issue.


Find a way to not hold tightly or grip it is all about how you hold the camera to minimize that movement. I use mine all the time wit ha Shorty and  simply let it rest tehn a tight grip.  

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Re: Gopro strange noise when moving the stick

Thank you.

I dont know.. i think something is wrong with this gopro..
When a touch on that, make that noise on video..

Someone can help me? This is normal for a adventure camera?

A lot of reviews in internet i dont ser that..
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Re: Gopro strange noise when moving the stick

Put the camera on the table  hit record, slide it  and  you hear the  noise,, Now put a  towellete under the camera do the same test.. and you will figure out the stick , is  takeing the noise of your hand and tansferring it to the camera.

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Re: Gopro strange noise when moving the stick

What you're experiencing is completly normal.  This is sound conducting through the selfie stick and through the camera's microphone.  A simple example of this is lightly tap your desk with your finger, you can barely hear it.  Now put your ear against the desk and repeat the tapping motion.  You'll notice the sound is a heck of a lot louder.  This is because the sound is being conducted through the solid surface of the desk and right into your ear.  This is what's happening with your GoPro.  Your hand movement are creating tapping and banging against your selfie stick and that's being conducted along the stick directly into the microphones of your camera.


The reason you won't see mention of this on camera reviews is because a lot of the reviewers are proffessional camera users and as a result don't use something like a selfie stick.  Instead they would use a gimbal which would offer better sound isolation, or in some cases, they use an independent audio recorder.  In most video's, they very rarely use the sound recorded with a camera, instead they insert music into their clips. 


In fact the only time I would use audio from the camera is in the following cases:

A:  I'm in too much of a hurry to remove the audio (like submitting a clip to the news station in a hurry, it's happened...)

B:  If the camera is mounted on a stationary mount (like a tripod) and I'm trying to record the ambiant sounds (nature, a concert etc) and even then, I'd most likely use a seperate audio recorder with a wider range and then just join the audio and video afterwards.


You can help cut down on some of the audio noise associated with a selfie stick, you can wear vibration dampening gloves (you'll look silly, but it will help), you can make sure the handle of your selfie stick is wrapped in foam, you can reduce the amount of handling.  So keep the camera pointed in the same direction a minimum of 15 seconds before changing the angle as opposed to walking and constantly changing the camera angle.


All of the above just come with experience, trial and error.  The more experience you gain with your camera, with video editing, sound editing and camera angles, the better your video's will continue to look.


Good luck and post more video's soon!