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Gopro - only frustration, nothing works

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GoPro Hero 3+ here. I'm unable to connect the camera to Android. here come the bad things:


- I can't reset the wifi password.


- The camera was updated about a year ago. The update is defective, often pressing a button (mode) registers the press twice.


- I connect the camera to PC, I can't reset the wifi password.


- I search the web, came to gopro site, it writes about "If this is the first time you are pairing the camera to the App..." Only this. No, it's not the first time, but the article doesn't cover that ----- very obvious ---- case.


- I contact support. After writing a long letter, it displays the message 'Support is not available right now'. Nice. Spent one hour without making a step forwars.


Seriously, the gadgets and this website is even tested for usability?

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Re: Gopro - only frustration, nothing works

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Hello, @nicehero3662. Which Android phone are you using and which OS is it on? Do you have the latest version of the GoPro App installed? Do you get any error message when pairing the camera with the app?


To reset the camera's Wi-Fi name and password, a manual update must be done. These instructions will guide you through the process. 


Once the camera is updated, it should connect with the GoPro App as normal. Let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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Re: Gopro - only frustration, nothing works

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Android 10 on Galaxy A70

The gopro app is the latest - I can't install older...

The error message is "Something came up. ..." - nothing to do with this message.

The app on Android is trying to connect endlessly, without success.

The instructions on the page are leading to a firmware update page. I'm just asking... it needs to be a simple menu point. It's nonsense to update the firmware just to rewrite 10 characters of a password... If anything in the middle fails, the user practically remains with a bricked camera. This is just not the right way.


Is there a way to simply clear the password? I don't need a password anyway, it's just complicating things badly. Why do a gopro user need a password in the first place?

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Re: Gopro - only frustration, nothing works

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Hi @nicehero3662


For HERO3 cameras, the Wi-FI reset needs to go through the update page.

We do not have the option to disable the Wi-Fi password.


Should you need further assistance, please reach out to Support.

You may submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through