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Gopro max underwater problem

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I used my gopro max underwater. after it recorded, it turned off and it won't be turned on. Please help me
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Re: Gopro max underwater problem

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Hi @moradmehr1366


So long as the camera door is closed, the GoPro MAX is waterproof down to 5m (16ft) without a housing.
Let our Support Team take a look at what happened. 
You may reach out to them through




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Re: Gopro max underwater problem

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Thanks but I knew it and I'm sure I locked its door before using camera underwater .
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Re: Gopro max underwater problem

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you are number.......

look at these numerous threads many complained about this issue......everyone confirmed that the door was closed....

I, myself made proof that it is has absolutely no effect switching the small slider in or not .... closing the door and sliding the main slider in.....  the lid is sealed ...period.

I proofed it with a photo and got harsh responses by gopro-employes....


the max is NOT waterproof....maybe it was designed for....but possibly there are many qc-problems , and therefor I think the moisture penetrates somewhere either at the lenses or the display.....or the plastic is made of a weak quality it will be bended under the influence of sun/heat and therefor the door cannot seal correctly.


it is cheeky always to blame the customer ... after so many complaints after all the past month....