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Gopro max timelapse massive problem on warranty replacement unit

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After waiting a month to receive my replacement max under warranty, just to find that the first time I use timelapse the footage is impossible to keyframe. Using gopro app on ios footage just spins like crazy. With world lock off it jitters and jumps. Impossible to keyframe. Cant even get a static shot let alone any pans.

I saw a previous thread but it didnt seem to lead to any solution.

Is there one gopro??

I am tired of waiting for another replacement and would rather get a refund!!

PS support chat and callback never works. Nobody is ever available
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Re: Gopro max timelapse massive problem on warranty replacement unit

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Hello, @activepike77253. Which phone are you using and which OS is it on? Does your device meet the requirements for 360 Media Support in the GoPro App? Do you have the latest version of the app installed? Have you been able to reframe using a computer? Is the same behavior observed? Is the observation true only for timelapse footage? 


These details will help us isolate the issue. If you have a clip showing it, it would be greatly helpful. We hope to hear back from you.