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Gopro lost my rma.

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I contacted GoPro about my GoPro hero6 black that was having issues. They scheduled an RMA and sent me a shipping label. I printed up the shipping label and thought it was kind of strange that it was ups but the post office does take mail from other businesses so I didn't think anything of it plus I was directed to do it so I went to mail off the RMA and confusion ensued. The people were pretty confused at it but ended up accepting it even after I asked them if everything was okay. I sent it off to the local post office here which is JP post BTW. I would periodically check out the tracking number to see if the package got into the possession of ups but weeks went by and nothing. I came to find out that JP post wasn't set up to take this package and at one of their main hubs they marked it as return sender but the package never came back to me. It's been over a month and nothing has been delivered to me and I've been contacting the customer service at GoPro speaking to supervisors but all they are doing is passing the blame and talking me in circles. GoPro screwed up major on this because they apparently don't have region sensitivity when sending out are receiving parcels. UPS does not exist here in Okinawa and I don't know why they would use it. I spoke with a representative that later told me what they should have had me do was just pay for the shipping and send it off which I had no problem with doing. Now I'm stuck with dealing with these Representatives that have a hard time following conversations and listening and supervisors that choose not to get back to me or to pass blame. Mean while I'm out of a camera that I paid for because of a company's stupid mistake. Speaking with these representatives in the Philippines is absolutely infuriating. That either have a problem following conversations or there's a loud ass rooster in the background crowing as you're trying to handle business... No lie there was a rooster in the background loud as hell while I was trying to figure out what was going on with my RMA. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau and filing a complaint. Also these Representatives keep asking for a tracking number or a receipt from JP post but how in the hell am I going to get a tracking or a receipt from the post office when they weren't even set up to take the package in the first place? I did send them a photocopy of the shipping label which does have returned to Sender information on it but that doesn't seem to be enough for them. They keep wanting to make this my fault even though it's theirs.. This is not a good look.