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Re: Gopro hero6 recorded videos freeze

Yeah i realized that my goprohero6 video freeze when tempreture is to cold like -5 -7. When im filming in summertime there is no problem at all but when im snowboarding i cant keep the camera on my helmet when its -5 outside and im riding down the slopes with 70km/h. I keep the camera in my pocket in some peace of cloth or wool something to keep it warm, and when i want to film i put it on my helmet and turn it on. When the camera filming its heating up and i have no problems at all, all the videos are fine. It took me 2 years, i miss such a nice moments on the mountain, but this year everything is okay.

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Re: Gopro hero6 recorded videos freeze

Hi @hardybeach54170


What is the brand and specification of the SD card you are using?

See if a manual update will sort out the issue.