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Gopro hero6 audio manual control setting

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Hi just a question, i have been using gopro hero 6 with karma drone and hand grip. When i attach my hero6 to karma hand grip it seems i cant adjust my audio control setting also i cant adjust video stabilization and auto low light setting. But when i take it out of handle grip i can adjust my audio control setting. Is this normal that audio manual setting doesnt work on handle grip?
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Re: Gopro hero6 audio manual control setting

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Hello @yeachanl46732


Thank you for the detailed description of the issue. When the Karma Grip is used with a HERO6 Black camera, Image Stabilization automatically becomes disabled and this is a normal occurrence. Since image stabilization is disabled, the other settings (auto low light, and audio manual setting) become disabled as well. 


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Re: Gopro hero6 audio manual control setting

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yeah, I can confirm that:

hero6 on karma grip: - video stabilization and manual audio-control are disabled; auto-low light is available.

hero5 on karma grip: - only manual audio-control is disabled; video stabilization and auto-low light are available.



wondering why the manual audio-control is disabled on karma?

is it "forced" to compensate grip motors noise?

or because the left and bottom mics are covered by the harness? or two close to the motors?


...i know motor noise is reported...






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Re: Gopro hero6 audio manual control setting

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Hi @robert1326


Once the camera is connected to the Karma system, it will recognize the controls or navigation coming from the grip or the controller.