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Gopro hero 6 recording issue

Since the new update v1.60 fix a lot of problem, thz for this new update. But as i have tested this new update, i found that taking camera indoor with electric light or lamps light, having issue with light always jerking. Since the shutter speed is set to Auto or manual mode. It’s still having the same issue...
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Re: Gopro hero 6 recording issue



use a fps that match you country power supply.

50Hz Europe etc (PAL video mode).....60Hz America, etc....(NTSC video mode)


you can use half of, meaning 25 30 and multiple 100, 120


the idea is to capture the frame in the same moment of the alternate voltage, LED and fluorescent colours are changing with the voltage.




be careful when in your footages are LED systems with diminishing feature.

usually, these flickers when not at full power.


here are hero6 and hero5, same issue:


I have an Ikea LED system in the kitchen, that works off-half-full-half-off.

2.7K 50fps

PT on, WB native

  • at full is fine.
  • when half flickers....