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Gopro hero 6 green horizontal line on video

Today after uploading my files to my computer I went to check my videos that just loaded and there is a green horizontal line on all recent videos. It is a green static line across the very bottom of the screen. I checked on the video on the gopro itself and it shows fine there until its transferred. Is this covered by the gopro plus?
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Re: Gopro hero 6 green horizontal line on video

This is an issue caused by your player not stretching the video to fill the entire viewing area (since it's running in windowed mode it's trying maintain the proper aspect ratio, so it's adding the green line in itself).  Play the file back in VLC player and it won't be visible.  

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Re: Gopro hero 6 green horizontal line on video

Hello @nomarhernandez. I agree with @irishmanpdx. Given that the video plays back fine in the camera, the problem could be stemming from the media player used. How did you transfer the media files to your computer? What's the media player used?