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Gopro hero 6 black, sessions, hero black 7, and all gopros after hero5 DO NOT work with sling studio

Gopro is the absolute worst camera you could ever waste your money on, it spends more time not working than working, the audio sounds like they are using two tins cans inside a working microwave oven, every little tiny thing you need for a camera MUST be purchased through gopro at complete rip off prices, what cost $2 for a simple mic cord costs $89 through gopro and they made all cameras after 5 to need their device or it won't work, even if you have it it may or may not work at any given time but more time not working than working. It DOES NOT hook up with sling studio to live stream although the company will say it does, it frequestly drops the wifi or will NOT hook up even when every other product including a $3 toy video game will gopro won't. The remote seldom works right and my trcuk dash cam takes better 4k video AND audio than gopro's best camera. The hero 7 is a complete POS and is NOT waterproof even if the company says it is - rated to 33 feet everry other camera on the market is rated to 100-250 underwater for more than an hour, gopro won't last 3 seconds. I complete regret buy this hero black 6 plus as it has been the biggest nightmare to film anything, I film more with my cell phone because the gopro never works right. The battery is **bleep** and lasts maybe 40 minutes at 1080 and the off brand battery will last 60 min if you DO NOT upgrade the gopro software because if you do you will ONLY be able to use gopro batteries from then on at $24,99 ea. (off brand $9.99 ea.), Anyone wanting a gorpo will be lightyears ahead by buying a used hero black 5 as that was the last good camera gopro made. The ceo is more interested in spending the money he is getting ripping youi off on **bleep** products than he is supplying a quality product so why pay $500 for a 7 when you can get a SJCamm or Yi 4k that has outstanding video and audio and a ton of support and options gopro still doesn't offer for under $200. In my opinion the company that was number 1 in the industry is no it's laughing stock, do NOT buy anything gopro!!! I expect gopro will remove this post quickly so I will publish it on sling studio site and facebook as well. Even their web site doesn't work worth a **bleep**

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Re: Gopro hero 6 black, sessions, hero black 7, and all gopros after hero5 DO NOT work with sling...

Hi @nimblerang5323


The camera's Wi-Fi connection is primarily used for connecting our camera to our application which can be installed on mobile devices.

If you wish to setup live streaming it is available on the HERO7 Black.

HERO5 Black will work with Periscope.

For other models, other users have set it up with a use of a capture card.


Regarding the other issues you have mentioned, it will be best to reach out to our Support Team to try to troubleshoot and isolate where the trouble is.

Please reach out to them by phone or caht through