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Re: Gopro hero 5 video has no sound.

Hi there Jay!

Did those things solve the problem for you or anyone else? According to some posts, people already tried those things without result :(

But sure, might be worth a try...
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Re: Gopro hero 5 video has no sound.

@Anonymous wrote:

Hi experts!  I need your help.  Bought my hero 5 about a week ago.  Tested the video and sound was ok except that battery dies fast. Just yesterday, I've tested again my video and there was no sounds at all.  I need this sorted out before I fly overseas!


Need a quick reply please.  Thanks.

 OP is history would think ten pages later you hear back 

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Re: Gopro hero 5 video has no sound.

I've had a "no sound" issue since buying my Gopro about a year ago. It's a hit and miss situation. It will work fine for five or six videos then, when you think the issue is resolved, sound is lost again. Usually with videos that are of personal value. Extremely frustrating.

I have installed the most recent update and since then, things seem to be working OK however, I haven't been using the camera much to confirm that the problem is solved. Personally, I doubt that it is.

Gopro have been completely uncooperative providing support for the "no sound" problem and that's more of a disappointment than the camera failure itself. If I were you, I'd take the camera back and buy another brand.
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Re: Gopro hero 5 video has no sound.

Thank you 🙏
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Re: Gopro hero 5 video has no sound.

I sent my original  Hero5 back and received a replacement last month just before expiration of warranty on the first camera.    I've read that replacement cameras as well as the GoPro 6 still have the no sound issues.  Time will tell if the problem is still persistent with this replacement camera?


What's most disheartening with this issue is GoPro's failure to step up, admit there's a problem and give us a plan on how they're dealing with it and assure us customers that if we have defective cameras, they will be replaced until the problem is resolved. 


Right now I have no idea if they will replace this second camera if it's got the same problems.  A sad comentary for a company that prides itself in quality products. 

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Re: Gopro hero 5 video has no sound.

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For me it's 3rd Hero5 Black. I'm after replacement and still not sure if problem is fixed.

Tbh, I think everything is like it was before. My only one 100% working solution was to focus on taking photos instead of filming.

In general, action cam is simple device. It takes videos and photos with some extra features. It's not space ship, it's not even smartphone. So that's the reason I can't understand how that old and experienced company suck on basic things.

It's an action camera. It has to take video, sound and photos as prio. This things should be allways 100% working or it's not action cam.

Firmware date of 2.60 also makes me believe that GoPro became one-season-product-profit company.


Funny thing: when I try to downlowad firmware 2.6 via PC, it's OK. But when I try this on my smartphone I can only downlowad 2.55.

Reported to GoPro via live chat long time ago, also ignored :P.