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Gopro fried

Hello GoPro


I'm writing to express my disappointment with your repair service in the Philippines. My gopro just turned 1 year last November, and on my first trip for 2017, my housing leaked leaving my gopro fried. As you can see in the picture I attached, the gopro is very clean on the outside as I take care of cameras very well, I even have my Canon 350D from 2007 working in perfect condition. I imagined my Hero4 will be with me for 10 years same as my Canon. I save money for my cameras very well, the care is expected. 


So the insides were damaged and brought the unit to iFix Pasig, where I have read online your accredited partner for repairs. They just looked at the unit and said there's no hope, that it's "common" to turn itself on for a while of getting wet and then die eventually. What they offered was to buy a new one at a discount if we write to you. I saw a lot of YouTube videos fixing it on their own, the process may not be recommended but could they have at least tried? Is it really the direction to these repair centers to say - just but a new one? It may be shallow to you but got very emotional when my gopro broke. Can you still do something about it? I can send your more pictures. Can we get an official repair man look at it and reall try to fix it? It will be a while for me to afford to get a new one, a temporary fix or whatever just so I can revive my Hero4 will be appreciated. 


Thank you

Jorj M

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Re: Gopro fried

All you are doing here is telling the online community I suggest  going directly to Support and calling firt, chatting second, emailing last and  get  a  case number,  since you won't get case numbers here, you're just talking here.



I doubt Gopro is partnered wit hrepair shots (just me)