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Gopro REFUSING send New for New Replacement

I am fan of Gopro since Gopro 3. I had 3+ black for years and decided to finaly upgrade.
Purchased and received GoPro from sealed and NEW.

Quality issue
Once tested I realized footage is of very poor quality and defo miles away from my expectations. I had GoPro black 3+ for years so I knew what I am expecting and how footage meant to look like, not mentioning 2.7K and 4K capabilities of Gopro7 black. No matter what set up I tried (Protune on/off, stabilization on/off high fps low fps high res low res different low and high ISO or auto default setup as from Gopro etc etc ) footage didn't look any better than 720p from my phone... I tried to play it on 3 different computers and in 3 different players but noap, quality just wasn't there.

I really didn't want to believe that this is a faulty unit, so I contacted CS support team on Gopro website via Chat option. I though, "hey these guys are the experts, they will tell me what am I doing wrong and all will be fine for sure, I just need to understand some set ups or so".
After more than hour of waiting online I got in touch with agent Marvin. After quick chat and me explaining my situation, Gopro (Marvin) offered free replacement unit for my faulty one.
All I needed to do was to send my unit to them by prepaid UPS service. I told them I have purchased my GoPro from and not from but they said that that is not a problem. All I need to do is to send them copy of my invoice, GoPro (camera unit only, no accessories, batteries or so) and they will look after me with free replacement...I thought myself "wau, what nice bunch of people and professional customer service !" On a same day I printed prepaid UPS sticker they provided and sent my unit to address on invoice to Nederland (c/o Moduslink, Smakterweg, Venray).

I was bit skeptical about all of this as we are going in very short time for holiday to Australia and was to be without my new camera (and I sold my old GoPro already).
However it turned out (after me contacting Gopro several times) that Gopro managed to send replacement on time and on Friday next week I received my replacement.
When I opened brown sealed box it was apparent that unit they sent wasn't new. Minor marks of use and protecting film on display and lens was different and with bubbles...
So at this stage / 1 week after I purchased my new GoPro I was left with NOT NEW Gopro / refurbished or whatever it is.

I contacted GoPro immediately on chat (well it took my couple of hours again to get connected) and requested explanation.
I was told they are not sending back NEW for NEW ...! And they have some special units specially made/tested for replacements that were checked to make sure I will have no issues with it at all blah blah.
I said this is unacceptable and they meant to inform me about this prior to me sending them my NEW despite faulty but NEW GoPro and that didn't happen ! I requested my NEW Gopro to be send back in that case as I dont accept refurbished piece as replacement for my new GoPro I paid for and sent to them.
They said it is NOT POSSIBLE at this stage as my GoPro is somewhere in their warehouse blah blah...but NOT POSSIBLE.
At this point I requested full refund as this situation became really ridiculous and absolutely NOT FAIR .
BUT Gopro said they cannot process refund as I purchased item
I said "so why are you taking GoPros back in first place? Procedures procedures blah blah and they suggested I contact Amazon. I did and of course they wont help me out as unit I have is NOT the money sold to me.
Contacted Gopro again and requesred FULL or PARTIAL refund to balance me not having NEW product DESPITE paid for NEW.
Both refused and got offer for head strap as courtesy of Gopro! REAAALLYY ?

1. I purchased new GoPro
2. Turned out to be faulty
3. Contacted GoPro CS for advise and they suggested I send it to them for replacement
5. Gopro sent refurbished unit back!
6. Gopro refusing/cant send me back my original unit I sent them
7. Gopro doesn't want to refund my money as I got it of Amazon
8 Amazon wont refund as unit I have is NOT from them


I am sorry about looong post but that was the only way how to explain all of this.
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Re: Gopro REFUSING send New for New Replacement

Look, I worked for a very large multinational electronics firm for a number of years and I volunteered in their customer returns department at least once a month.  It was a great way to see how issues were affecting the final customer and the impression of the company.


Yes, buying a brand new piece of equipment and finding out it is faulty is a disaster (would have loved if you could have posted some sample footage so I could have seen it).  Yes, we had the same issue with out company, once in a while, a faulty unit would get out there.  Problem is, if we sent that person a brand new, sealed in it's box unit as a replacement, then what if that unit didn't work either?  That customer would have gotten two faulty units in a row and that would have been a disaster.  So we actually did have a supply of "pre-tested" units.  Ones that we ourselves had tested and found to be in 100% working condition.  If the customer demanded a replacement, this is what we would send them, simply because we wanted them to have a unit that was fully working.  


In the future, if you don't want a pretested working unit as a replacement, you should ask for a credit voucher in exchange for your unit.  That way you can repurchase a GoPro, get one that's brand new (albiet taking a risk that it's another defective model).  It's what I did with an electronics firm when I received a faulty laptop that had to be sent back for repair (and had the same issue upon return).  I contacted the company directly (actually contacted the CEO) and wrote them a polite email that let them know how disappointed I was with their product, how it affected my image of the company and I gave them my own experience regarding working with customer returns.  Needless to say I received a personal call the following day from the company wanting to make things right (which they did).


Here, GoPro tried to do the right thing by getting you a working camera as quickly as possible.  It's unfortunate they didn't describe to you that it would be a pretested unit and this left your feeling frustrated.  Instead of ranting and raving about it, you might try the other approach, be calm, use your words, and let GoPro know how this makes you feel as a customer and what image it gives you of the company.  Believe me, that's far more valuable than anything else.


Good luck!

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Re: Gopro REFUSING send New for New Replacement

Thanks for the input.
I am not ranting and raving about this but shared the fact of imo very stupid procedure in place.
Or perhabs very smart by Gopro...
Despite a lot of your comments make sense I just think Gopro should NOT take any unit of ANY customer they didnt sell it to and advise simple to deal with retailer direct.
I will repeat again: I wasnt looking for return or replacement but advise.
Their advise was to send it to them .....
Have no footage online to share but still in laptop so may upload some just to be able to back my claim...
I could go on and on about this and wont change anything...tried nice, tried not nice ...nothing worked.
Dealt with few returns etc in my life but was never treated like this time with Gopro..