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Gopro Max problems/dissatisfaction.

I'm having problems connecting my Max to phone. (iphone xr)

Seems like it'll only connect when it fancies. Sometimes it can take 5 or more attempts to connect. Sometimes it just wont.

Secondly the screen changes through loads of different settings as soon as I go into the water. (possibly need to turn off the screen as I enter the water which is dissapointing)

Thirdly, the camera folds flat as soon as I duck through a wave. The base is tightened up as much as possible by hand and it still happens.

Are all these traits normal or do I have some real problems?

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Re: Gopro Max problems/dissatisfaction.

Not sure why your connection is so inconsistent. When I've seen these cases in the past, it's been related to the phone connecting to other devices between uses with the GoPro and the phone is reverting back to the settings for that other device. One trick that has worked for others is to turn the wifi and bluetooth on your phone off and then back on and try pairing again then.


The touch screen can be sensitive and in some cases water pressure can activate the settings. One option if this is happening is to lock your screen into the settings you want before going into the water.


Finally, for the issues when you're hit by a wave, the MAX has a lot of surface area, so if it catches a wave on its broad side, that could move the camera in the mount. For cases like this, some users use a wrench (there's a special one made for GoPro screws) to tighten down the mount even more.