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Gopro Hero session footage looks grainy / pixelated



So yesterday finally my *NEW* GoPro Hero session (4) arrived. I was really stocked to get it out and start making some videos. After messing around with the settings for a bit and looking up how to get the best looking footage I started recording some test shots. When I was done I plugged my GoPro into my PC and checked the footage, It looked terrible! I was really dissapointed, everything was really grainy and pixelated, out and inside. If anyone knows a solution to this please let me know. 


Here are some examples from the footage:









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Re: Gopro Hero session footage looks grainy / pixelated

 indoor  you are shooting in thedark, and to the bright outdoor light, that is why it looks like it is?  Outoddor you are shooting  towards the Sun  that isanotehr reason why it looks like it is?


you must shoot  with indoor lihgting on, also there may be what is called Exposure lock  or spot meter ..  Test more footage out till you master it?

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Re: Gopro Hero session footage looks grainy / pixelated

Thank you for your comment. I've tried over 20 settings and have looked about 5 videos on it. Nothing. The image keeps being blurry and grainy.