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Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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1st question:

Do these two video captures look like the same for you?


01 Gopro9 GoproColor AWB

GoPro Hero 9 (GoPro9) footage on a sunny day with Gopro Color and AWB



02 Gopro9 SuperCurro LUT Flat Native.png

GoPro Hero 9 (GoPro9) footage on a sunny day with Flat Color and Native auto white balance.


Are you sure? please watch this video:











OK, if for you is the same then stop reading, thank you for your time and don't waste more time and enjoy your GoPro 9 videos.



2nd question:

Do you really feel that Gopro can do it much better and provide a LUT to make the most of the camera obtaining faithful colours and the maximum possible dynamic range of this small sensor as its competitors do?


I think so too, but after searching and searching and not finding anything decent in the whole network so I had to do the job myself. More than 50 hours of work, a lot of testing and voilà:



How to use it?

Very simple, in any video mode of your Gopro9 (only for Gopro9 V1.22 not tested in other firmware versions)

Gopro9 Config: Color Flat, WB Native, -0.5 EV, sharpness medium, Bitrate High.

In your favourite video editing software:

  • Apply the LUT,

  • Correct the WB (is precalibrated for sunny, so you always will have to correct the WB for cloudy, incandescent, fluorescent, night etc)

  • Adjust the shadows and highlights levels.

Enjoy your life!


3rd question:

Do you feel you need more?


Yes, you are right, there is much more. If you use Davinci resolve (free o studio version) you can do much more and you can get until the last dynamic range of light without any kind of artefact and true colours. You will be able to adjust and fine-tuning the result for any kind of scenarios.


LUTs are limited, what you have now is the best can be done, if you want or need more then you have to jump to the next level.

Got the job done was much more complicated (more than 10 times) than it usually is. Yes, colour grade a DJI Osmo pocket, Mavic 2 Pro, Sony Alpha camera etc... is much easier than do it for a Gopro 8 or 9, that is the real reason you will not find anything decent in the network until now.


Test this LUT and if you like it please support me and you will have access to Davinci Resolve calibration files. Any calibration job can be improved always! Please help us with your support.


Any comment is welcome, I have tested in many scenarios (sailing, hiking, city, interior) and is a very well balance calibration. Try it and take your Gopro9 to the next level!


PD: if you don't understand why I dedicate so much effort to fix my GoPro products, I will try to explain it. GoPro has the best digital stabilization by far, but the cyan (the sky), the red and the skin tones are horrendous. Sorry Gopro I don't know who is your colourist but is doing a horrible job, have a look to DJI products. The only way to have the best of both worlds is buying a GoPro, record in RAW and then fixing in post-production. This was almost a mission impossible until now, Thanks to COVID-19 I had time to do it a reality. Also for Gopro8 (as difficult as the Gropro9 and completely different). About pictures is the same story, but easier as the RAW pictures in the Gopro9 are quite nice out of the box (better than Gopro8 that is terrible), only a few corrections in the red for RAW pictures.


Please respect my job, improve it if you can, share as much as possible to benefit the community but always recognise the job behind this huge effort.




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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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Downloaded, thanks! I agree, Gopro should try to make colors more natural. I'll test your LUT asap.

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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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I was forced to create a colour grading because the cyan = blue sky and the orange skin tones were terrible. We now blues in Gopro are oversaturated and not realistic, but for sailing with a lot of blue and white was a problem. My frustration was that it is impossible to have a right blue in AWB, you have to do it in native WB so even more difficult because again the native WB is also terrible to colour grade. On top of everything the reds were also wrong and fin tune the red and the skin without affecting each other was also a challenge.


The final result was a lot of work but very good clarity, detail and quite perfect colours. Took me 10 times more work than expected but the WB are almost perfect across all the light conditions. Of course, you always have to do basic WB correction because the LUT is done for sunny days and if the light source change you have to correct in the post (really easy).


Again, I can not understand why GoPro doesn't provide the LUT to correct RAW to REC 709 as all their competitors do. 

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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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Best LUT so far for the Gopro 9 with NATIVE profile! such a huge work since the NATIVE color of the 9 is super yellowish! grande crack!!
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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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THANK YOU!, sir. This is an excellent LUT that makes my flat footage look realistic. I very much appreciate your effort and generosity in making it available to the community.

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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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I only have GoPro Hero8's but I totally agree that:


1. Flat appears to be a slightly desaturated GoPro Color version.

2. I'd love for GoPro to support a "GoPro HeroX - Flat to REC 709" LUT.  I've found several who have created them but having the official one from the company (ala all other camera manufacturers) would be great.


Did you do a similar LUT for the Hero8?  I didn't see that in your download link :).


Edit:  I forgot to mention that the "X" in "HeroX" above would be 7, 8, 9, etc.  Also, I haven't been using native wb, I set the wb which I feel helps me to match footage with my non-GoPro cameras without too many tweaks in Davinci Resolve.

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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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Hi, i have tested your lut with my hero 9 footage. Your lut has very strong blue/pink tint, but you fixed red color. I like to use natural/neutral luts. Tomorrow i will try to play more with your lut. Thanks
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Re: Gopro Hero 9 Flat Native WB Color Grading LUT

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Yes I also have a LUT and all the Davinci resolve calibration for Gopro8


And in this video you can see the Gopro3, 4, 8... 


and in this a mix of GoPro 4, 8 and 9... you will not notice the difference except for the horizon level.


I will also upload very soon the Mavic Pro2 and Mini2 profiles (not to much impact), DJI Osmo pocket (red correction), but I don't have more cameras.


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