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Gopro Hero 8 Black screen cracked

I bought the Gopro Hero 8 Black at the end of November 2019 excited to use it at University this year. We were swimming with it when I placed it on the side of the pool before I climbed out. When I picked it up again I noticed a small crack on the screen. I was really shocked to see this because I didn't slam it or dropped it, I simply placed it on the concrete. For a product which is designed for action and which is ( and I quote from the website) "Rugged" it really is disappointing . The older models came with a protective case. For a model which already costs 400 dollars and for which you have to spend 50 dollars extra for a protective case one would expect better performance and durability. I really feel I either need a replacement or atleast be able to have the screen fixed. I believe you will be able to assist me with this.
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Re: Gopro Hero 8 Black screen cracked

SOrry to hear about the issue contact gopro.


  GoPro has changed.   They offer a  Film protector, a cage, a supersuit. Options to purchase their., or 3rd party.   Screen is gorilla glass. if you broke it  or it broke contact a gopro  re, Navigate to the form on the site you are on.

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Re: Gopro Hero 8 Black screen cracked

Okay Jason for one dont listen to Fishy thats even if you can make sense of what the guy is saying. 


That said my opinion "for what its worth" is that it was on your end or your mistake most likely. It could have happen bouncing around in the pool or priot to getting into the pool or a buddy or swim mate bumped it when you were not looking or could see them do it. Not saying you knew about it but it may have happen at a point you didnt see it happen. You mentioned you didnt notice till after getting out of the pool. 

    Personally If I was to be taking the thing and setting it down on concrete or in a pool etc I would get the underwater rig to play in pool. One. you dont use audio under the water and underwater housing is best for underwater use were you dont need the audio plus its protected both watertight seals with o-rings and the underwater housing itself from bumps and scratches. 

    My opinion is the GoPro 8 is a splash proof camera with the bare camera itself and if you want to do underwater stuff you need the underwater case for the camera to be protected properly. Also if bouncing around on land I suggest the lens protectors and screen protectors at the very least because they are like 2 bucks and protect lens from scratches etc. if you are rough or dont want to babysit the camera like a carrying a fragile egg I would suggest getting the body cage which is like roll bars for your GOPRO hero 8. 

    I orderd a simple ULIZE metal cage for my GoPro Hero 8 so I can put filters on my lens and protect the lens at the same time. Sure its a hair bigger body style now with the cage on the camera but my camera is very protected now and I can just set it down on a table and not worry that something is going to ruin the lens or scratch the monitor screen on the back. Otherwise when I use it in the raw camera body I wrap the camera in a micro cleaning cloth every second I am not using the camera or set it down some where. 

    This is my advice to you and you can take it or leave it but remember I dont have a cracked screen and people can complain all they want about what gopro says their camera can do or can not do. I know what I am willing to do to protect my invested money that I have spent on my gear and take care of my gear by being "EXTRA" careful. You can complain all you want after the fact when something happens it better to do a ounce of prevention then spend a pound of cure. 


     Talk with customer support and see what they say maybe they will help out but remember it was you that holds responsibility to what happens to your gear and go pro has to take your word that you didnt drop it or knock it about or someone else knock the camera around when you were not looking or you realized it. 


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Re: Gopro Hero 8 Black screen cracked

Accidental damage is not covered by warranty. However, in my experience I've found that people who take responsibility and aren't trying to shift all of the blame on GoPro tend to get a more positive experience from Support. GoPro Support is under no obligation to give you anything, but if you don't go into the conversation with an entitlement attitude, they just might surprise you with how much they are willing to help you out. Go into it with a negative attitude and the results might not be so great.
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Re: Gopro Hero 8 Black screen cracked

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denier15 exactly.. That was my experience with GoPro recently lookiing for a cable replacement that I had lost the first week of getting my go pro hero 8. Spoke with customer service and I was honest with the girl and said it was my fault for loosing the cable but wanted to know how to get a new replacement and the girl quietly sent me a new cable no charge and I got the cable within 24 hours! Most likely because I was honest about it being my fault.

     Now the thing about "Entitlement" could fill this entire forum and something that could be talked about to 90% of people under the age of 25 these days. Trying to get people to take responsibility for their own actions is something that will take more then a broken gopro to teach the lesson of responsibility.