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Gopro Hero 6 black audio issue never resolved

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I guess the original thread locked or timed out as I can no longer repond to it


However, I hate when someone starts a thread and never posts a follow up, so here it is.  The issue never got resolved.  Gopro did send me a different Gopro Hero 6 Black and external mic adapter to try and it exhibited the same issue.  Support said they referred the issue to "engineering" after I sent a raw clip from the camera with the crackling audio.  This occured while an external mic was attached (tried several) and driving in a car resulting in unusable audio.  The camera also exhibited a "buzz" in the audio if wifi was turned on.


I waited a year, updated Gopro several times, and in the end they just wanted to send me another camera to try.  I declined and requested a RMA for the Hero 6 black I had purchased since the support case had been opened nearly a year and was opened a week after I received the camera.  Gopro would not allow a return since it was past their 30 days window LOL.


I contacted the place I purchased the camera from, explained the situation, and they allowed me to return the camera with an 80% refund, better than nothing I guess.


On a side note, with additional testing I found the sound issue only occurred with "standard mic+" enabled on the camera.  It seemed the software would freak out with that enabled in a car for whatever reason.  If you're experiencing the issue and your mic has enough volume with "standard mic" setting, you might be able to avoid the issue.  You'll likely have to turn off wifi though.


Buyer beware.  These cameras shoot great video, but Gopro needs to work on their audio issues.  Been a long time now.