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Gopro Hero 5 session cant connect to the pc

Yesterday i bought a brand new Go pro hero 5 session i  managed to connect it to my phone with success i did the update from version 1.1 to version 1.5.00 and today i tryied to connect it to my pc and the pc doen't even recognize the camera maybe cause it's an MTP device cause it happened again before with a tablet but i still haven't find any solution yet can someone help?


Thanks in advance !

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Re: Gopro Hero 5 session cant connect to the pc

@dimitrisk0487 - For a lot of people, the issue is that the camera is turned off when they're trying to connect it to the computer. If the camera is off, it will charge the camera, but won't connect. Try turning on the camera (press the small button on the back of the camera) and see if that helps you get connected.


If not, please reach out to our Support team at and we'll troubleshoot the issues with you.




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Re: Gopro Hero 5 session cant connect to the pc

Thanks for the quick reply!!! the camera is turned on but it is not being recognized althought i can see the data and the charging icons on the camera one colour lcd screen,i already tryied to contact but maybe cause its christmas everyone must be on holiday so i will try again tommorow :)

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Re: Gopro Hero 5 session cant connect to the pc


I know you're on the latest firmware, but try a manual update . 

You might want to try re-installing the Quik for desktop app as well.


When you plug your camera in it should first just show the red light.  Try opening Quik for desktop and let it run for a few minutes When Quik first launches it scans your folders for new content and prepares any uploads to GoPro Plus.  I've noticed that if I try to connect my camera immediately at launch it can sometimes freeze up a little and cause delays.  Once Quik is open, and you've waited a bit, press the little rectangle at the bottom back of your Session.  One firm press is all you need.  Once the LCD turns on the capture app should see it.  If not, open your file explorer and check to see if the camera is listed as a MTP device.  If not, the issue might be with your cable, USB port, or computer settings.


If it's still not working, you might just want to use a USB reader to offload your media onto your computer until GoPro customer service gets back to you with a solution.

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Re: Gopro Hero 5 session cant connect to the pc

Did everything you said but still nothing happened