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Gopro Hero 2 Temperature Reading Failure

Here's my technical questions:
Is the Hero 2 temperature check only based on the battery thermistor or additional components (newest firmware installed)? And how's the measurement on the battery done, resp. what should be the nominal value?

I experience currently an issue with the hero 2 where it shows at room temperature a temperature warning 5 seconds after start and shuts off about 30 seconds later. Tried firmware update, hard reset, 3 different batteries, disassembly... 

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Re: Gopro Hero 2 Temperature Reading Failure

Some of the questions you should ask is "are you using the original GoPro batteries or 3rd party batteries?"  Are you using a recommended SD card in your camera.  The GoPro Hero 2 is also over 8 years old at this point, so you could just be experiencing an end of life techincal fault.