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Re: Gopro Fusion out of focus

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"That does not compute..... illogical error....  " good one I have to admin!

GoPro must be having a ton of bad reviews recently to have a reputation managment as good and fast as that. 


I wish they'd invest that money in product quality might serve the company better

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Re: Gopro Fusion out of focus

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@irishmanpdx wrote:

For those of you on the fence, I've been a GoPro Customer for quite some time.  I've had issues and needed to contact customer support and had the issues quickly resolved (faulty memory card, trying to find camera info etc.).  The reason I buy GoPro is simply the quality of the hardware over the competion, the image quality and the ease of finding compatible mounts and accessories.  GoPro software wasn't that great but I'm happy to say they are working on that end of things and it's getting better and better.


Here's my GoPro history and how long each of my camera's has lasted:


GoPro Hero 2
Release Date Oct 24th 2011
Fully working when traded in for GP8 in 2019
Time in operation 8 years.


GoPro Hero 4 x 2
Release Date Sept 28th 2014
Fully working at the moment
Time in operation 6 years.


GoPro Hero 6 x 2
Release Date Sept 28th 2017
Fully working at the moment
Time in operation over 2 years


GoPro Fusion x 2
Release date November 24th 2017
Fully working at the moment
Time in Operation over 2 years


GoPro Hero 8 x 2
Release Date 15th October 2019 (based on ship date)
Fully working at the moment
Time in Operation over 4 months.


One thing I have learned is that GoPro camera's may be tough little sods, but they aren't invincible.  You do need to take care of them and treat them right.  I've watched reviews online for the Fusion and during the reviews I've seen people put the camera down on a table with a lens right on the hard wood.  Tapping the camera off the table (really?  Is hitting a camera off a table to show how it sounds the sign of a quality review?).  Even GoPro are not exempt, their marketing video for the Fusion showed someone taking the Fusion out of their backpack while the Fusion wasn't in it's protective case.


The fact is the Fusion (unlike other GoPro models) doesn't have lens protection (the lenses are exposed) and as a result, they are easy to scratch or damage if not treated properly.  Whether this be misalignment, scratches or other.  Also, dirt, grease, water, snow.... you get that on a Fusion lens and it affects stitching.  The short is, if you look after your camera's, they will last you a long time, in fact you can see how long they last and keep on going from the list I just posted.


So it's bad when a person has an issue with their camera, however I've always found GoPro support to be very helpful and proactive with trying to find solutions and this is why I'm a returning customer.  




I am a happy GoPro user since the Hero 3+ and always treated my camera's with care, not only my GoPro camera's but every camera i own. So i did and still do with the fusion.

Always having it in a protected cover, and while on a trip i always carry it in a bag where the camera is protected. So the problems with the out of focus images can't be because i mistreat the camera. Also the way i did take a picture of shoot a clip is the same as i'm doing with my Max, but by now it is in focus.