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Gopro Fraudulent Behavior Refusing to send Replacement Camera

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It's been 2 years and Im still waiting for answers .. 


Case # 07193847
order1 # SO-3167090
order2 # SO-3254503


My Gopro Hero 7 Black camera had power issue and after speaking with customer service on Nov, 4th, 2019 it was deemed defective and I was instructed to send the product in and was told that as soon as it was received I would be shipped out a new one.
defected unit was shipped and signed on NOV, 12, 2019. (from Gopro Warehouse in Mississauga)
After waiting for 3weeks, Item status was still pending shipping from, therefore I have decided to call and seek for help. I have chatted/called customer support many times but They all asked to me wait for new updates email with UPS Tracking Number and It will be shipped out within 24-48hrs, at this point they offered to give me an accessory, free of charge as a compensation. (delay)
After waiting for another 1 month and there was still no updates from gopro, so decided to speak with supervisor from gopro support. First supervisor asked me to provide different address as it could be the problem that warehouse team is not able to ship to my address. so I provide different address and New order was created. then I spent another 1 month waiting for it to ship but still in same status.
I have called many times to find out what is going on. They all mention that they will personally follow up regards to this issue, but Im not getting any updates or follow up.
There is no official email address for consumers and call center is outsourced to another country where I am read a script every time I call. I wrote complaints on official community forum, messaged administer for that community forum, messaged thru official chat, facebook chat, and tweet (all the source I can possibly find to get their attention to resolve issue).

I was told from supervisor that they emailed logistic team few times in last 2month to verify why item is still on hold, but they are not responding back to them. (?)



Bought New Camera (June, 2019) 

Sumitted Warranty Claim (NOV 2nd, 2019)

Replacement was sent and signed (NOV 12, 2019)

Compensation was offered for dealy on (DEC 12, 2019) 

Spoke with 3 Supervisors from Customer Support (JAN, 2020 ~ MARCH, 2020)

Spoke with an Agent from Head Quarter in United States  (FEB, 2020) 

Still No Answers or Status regards to my Replacement Camera (NOV 2nd 2019 ~ NOW)


I have been trying to get in touch with gopro weekly bases to resolve my case (Gave up last year)


Im still waiting for answers .. and NO ONE from gopro seems to care about what is going on with my case (even on this community forum)


I even had event where agent from headquarter being all sarcasm and ended up hanging up on me. She has promised me that I will receive a phone call from headquater manager but I ended up getting call from customer support that she has requested for me. It is almost impossible to get ahold of an agent calling headquarter phone number since its always the answering machine that picks up. When I finally got a hold of an agent couple of times, she was being grumpy, scarcastic, and overall not interested in helping out with case at all period.


Im really shocked that such a big company like GOPRO will pull out this kind of unacceptable action to customers.

I feel like I just wasted $560 down the toilet. Im even thinking about taking this matter to civil court in Canada

after some diggin and researching online, lot of people here in Canada are having same issue as I did. however, some people ended up getting replacement after waiting for couple of month. 

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Re: Gopro Fraudulent Behavior Refusing to send Replacement Camera

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Hi @ceojinkim


We try to help as much as we can here in the Support Hub.

Account and order-related concerns are best handled by our Support Team.
Please submit a request for a callback or initiate a chat session through to follow up on your case.