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Gopro Android App an Hero 7 Black


So I have had my Hero 7 Black for around 3 weeks, but still have problems with the Android GoPro App. Only on a very few occasions has it connected fully to the App, downloaded my newest clips, added them to Quick...........then given me a 'Quik story'.


I'm getting a little disheartened with it after spending out on this Hero 7 Black.....!!


The camera looks like it is connected to my wireless network, but i think the issue could be 'Bluetooth'.......but not 100% sure.


I can open the GoPro Android App, drag down and it will search for most often comes back with camera 'GoPro Not Found', but will tell me that that I have 'New Media'......!!

On other occasions it will find my 'Recent Items'...........................and tell me that it is 'Copying 1 of 27 Recent Items'(with the 2 'circles' rotating)................but never gets any further, with no 'Recents' copied and getting no further than 'Copying 1 of 27 Recent Items'..!!


Can anyone out there help please.................

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Re: Gopro Android App an Hero 7 Black


Hi @nigela18845


What SD card are you using?

Have you updated the camera to the latest software version?


If it's still the same, try resetting the camera to its factory settings then have it paired to your phone again.


Let us know how it goes.





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Re: Gopro Android App an Hero 7 Black

Hello, and thanks for the reply @aragon1006 .


The SD card is a 'Sandisk 128GB Ultra(SDXC) 100MB/s.

I have the latest update @ 1.70


I am new to these GoPro's, and obviously still learning. 


So this new 'Hero 7 Black' is the 'bees knees', and the quality it can record at is very good. I'm thinking that it could be the 'technology' that i am connecting it to that is the issue..!! Firstly my laptop is only Windows 7 so i can't use the desktop 'apps' as they are for windows 10(laptop is getting old).

The tablet is a Lenovo. But what I have noticed is that with the Android apps on this Lenovo, that it does connect(i can view the 'camera's lens view through the tablet)'s getting the saved footage from the GoPro into Quik thats the issue. 

So this is what makes me think that my 'Technology' that's at fault, and not the GoPro or the connections.


If this is the case, then any advice on what to go for......or others use with the Hero 7 Black would be much appreciated. I would really like a tablet/Ipad for portability whilst on holiday(cheaper the better........would a ipad 6th gen 9.7" suffice for example..!!), but i also understand that a modern laptop with windows 10 is needed.



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Re: Gopro Android App an Hero 7 Black

Hello @nigela18845. Ultra cards are known to cause issues with the camera and the applications it can work with, such as the app. Try using one of the recommended SD cards here .


The Quik for desktop app works only with Windows 10 but there maybe other programs that run on Windows 7 that you can use to view and edit your GoPro footage. There is a list of other programs here that you can check. 


This link provides information on devices that work compatibly with the GoPro App. You may use it as reference should you decide to purchase a mobile device to use. Feel free to post back for any other concerns or questions.