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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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hi all,


I have been testing the Hero9 for a few weeks now, mainly doing trail running, and I also found it frustrating to get very unconsistent results in the beginning: some videos resulted super smooth, stable and with quite a decent image quality, while others turned out shaky, blurry and almost not usable. 


Thanks to you all sharing your own experiences with the camera settings, I have realised how tiny changes on the settings can impact the final result in quite a dramatic way. These last days I've been performing some tests regarding the stabilization performance while running, and these are my conclusions:


- As some of you mentioned, setting a high ISO limit, Ev Comp -1 and BitrRate High has made the difference and would be almost mandatory if you want Hypersmooth to perform well if light conditions are not perfect. Cannot thank you guys enough!

- 30 or 60 FPS don't make a difference in the shot stabilization, at least at running speed.

- Linear Lens with Horizon Leveling combined with Hypersmooth ON (no boost) is the real deal for INCREDIBLE stable shots (as long as you stick to the settings mentioned in the first point). Weirdly enough, setting Hypersmooth to Boost gives the same (if not sliiiightly worst) result.

- Wide or Superview lenses (therefore no Horizon Leveling available) are different though. Setting Hypersmooth ON is not working well at all, the stabilization is quite poor, but here's the surprise: activating Boost mode does give us here the great results we would expect, super stable shots almost comparable with the ones obtained with Linear HL mode.

- I realise this last claim is pretty much contrary to Romolofevola (great video btw!) conclusions, so my last point would be that probably there are no perfect settings and we have to test and adapt them to the activity we're filming, that is how agressive the movement is, how we hold the camera etc.




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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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Thank you for that detail, and time spent testing.


Isn't is reasonable to assume you could use your camera successfully on any setting you choose?

To many replies from the sanctioned GoPro response, "to use differrent settings".

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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I think the main issue with GoPros is shooting in mid or low light conditions, where their performance goes down dramatically (maybe that is to be expected with such small sensor, but I'm not an expert so bare with me on that).


In my experience, any settings will work really well if light conditions are perfect. Other than that, the camera limitations can be solved up to a certain point by trying any available settings combo to find the best possible results.

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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I have same issues. Any offial reply from gopro?

1.22 firmware


Attached screenshot of blury video. And its like each time you hit small bump.

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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Hello everyone,

I bought my H9 last week, and sold my H7 immediately (which i very well regret).

I understand all your points about adjusting some of the settings can to some degree fix the issues.

But the main problem here is, i didnt buy NEW camera to have WORSE quality video and images and to make sacrifices and modify settings every single time sun goes slightly behind clouds.


My hero7 gave consistent results, no matter of conditions, cloudy, sunny , indoors, outdoors, i could always rely on it having a decent image quality.  Without having to tinker around in the settings.

In my one week of testing, i get usable video or image only in very few cases.


The image is OUT OF FOCUS. There is no way around this, and dont tell me its caused by low light. Low light has close to nothing to do with focusing. Skin tones are blown out, no details, no imperfections, no matter which sharpness settings you use.


NEW camera model should always equal BETTER.  When i zoom in on the files they are on same level as i used to have with H2 and H3 cameras. 


And as if thats not enough of an issue, every other video i make has some static sound in it, some weird clicking noise.

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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Very well said bro

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

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Hello again! 


I wanted to test multiple times to see if i've had constant result and finally it seems i understood better how this camera works.


So, The real game changer is to set the high Iso Settings higher than the usual.


I try to explain it.

When there is little or poor light, the camera use first the iso than, start to reduce the shutter speed to allow to more light to reach the sensor.


The result? Poor image quality specially in the dark areas and Shaky video! If you have a camera try to set a low shutter speed and take a picture. You will see all blurry. This is perfectly normal so the GoPro isn't faulty or does something wrong.

The best EV i found is -1.0 in any condition. It force the camera to think there is too much light so, it try to don't reduce too much the shutter speed.


Of course keep in mind that those are "my standard settings" so you may need to adapt a bit to your ambient light and to what do you need to shoot and how...


Anyway I've tried today again with:





Fps: 24

Lens: Superwide

Hypersmooth: Boost




Bitrate: High

Shutter Speed: Auto

Ev Comp.: -1,0

White Balance: Auto

Min ISO: 100

Max ISO: 3200

Sharpness: Medium

Color: Flat

Audio Raw: Off

Wind: Auto


So no color correction, the files are like that out of the camera (and i like them). 


Please make sure to watch it at the highest quality on youtube (Safari goes max to 1080p but chrome show it at the maximum 2160p)

If you have an iphone recently they have update the app and allows you to select the 2160p)

Here is the video:


For any info or comment feel free to post here thanks!

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