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Re: Gopro 9 problems

The artifacts come about because of the compression and possibly because of the ISO value (beginning of image noise).
Instead of HEVC set the compression to H264. Instead of 30 to 60 FPS, in PORTUNE to HIGH DATA RATE and HIGH SHARPNESS. Hypersmooth for "on" only - test with and without horizontal alignment.

Since the Hero8 has the same setting options, this is in no way "easier" - EACH camera must be set accordingly for the optimal result depending on the application - there is no setting for everything ...

Since the Hero 9 has another new image chip with more pixels (= higher resolution - 5k), you cannot simply transfer the settings from the Hero8 to the Hero9!

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

Thanks again for your time!


I have the setting as maximum compatibility so mp4 and hevc. I noticed i have issue with my mac with the hevc (i tried 4k 60fps) and was not the best option for me...


I would love to use the 2.7k and 30 fps but is not selectable unless you use the Max mod lens (i will definetely buy it) So i can use linear + Horizon levelling as you suggested as seems to stabilize much better than superview.


Many thanks for your suggestion!!!

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

Hi Oliver,


yes, I understand that there are some differences between 8 and 9, but my point is that it cannot be that I have to change umpteen settings during my recordings in order not to have a blurred picture!

I previously used the 8 from a friend and drove it in a wide variety of conditions and NEVER had problems !!!!!

2.7 k 60 FPS and superview and standard settings for ISO etc. and no matter where - NO problems?


Why should GoPro bring a camera on the market that is CLEARLY worse than the 8?

Thank you

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Re: Gopro 9 problems




there are three workarounds to make stabilizartion better in low light.


the aim is to obtain crisp frames to give the stabilization algorithm a chance.


in low light, the camera will slow the shutter to 1/fps if needed.

at 1/30 even at 1/60 activity like MTB wil give blurred frames, because of the motion.


  1. speed up the shutter at 1/4 of the fps. - downside is if you hit a normal light area, will be overexposed.
  2. use EV -1 as @andregixxer sugested
  3. use exposure control (in the center of the image, or where you think will be the brightest part)

so at 30fps I would use 1/120s shutter.


here is my test on hero8


also with hero8 exposure control in the center of the image give a fairy good result - one of my comute - without the "jumping street lights"



I made a quick test with hero9 - 4K25fps SV boost - iso max 1600

shutter auto, 1/50, 1/100 

chest mounted and I jump around the back of my living room

the chopstick is "glued to the camera" 

if "moves" the stabilization works, meaning the camera try to stabilize the rest of the frame.

- if auto - **bleep**ter is clearly pushed at 1/25

- the chopstick moves all the time so stabilization works (in older camera automatically the stabilization automatically was disabled in low light)

- but only at 1/100 has crisp frames that give a good result




@oliverz513 has a very strong point here.

- we have to test test test

- seems that yes, the new sensor is better in low light and with less noise

- ISO 1600 was the maximum acceptable as noise for old cameras

maybe we can push the ISO to 3200



just me,



Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
gopro 9, low light stabilization 4K 25 fps, superview hypersmooth 3.0 boost shutter auto, 1/50, 1/100 iso max 1600 rest as default chest mounted, chopstick "...
Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.
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Re: Gopro 9 problems

I'm only a user and GoPro customer. But since I hardly have any of the problems described here, neither with my Hero8 nor with my Hero9, I ask myself why?
I hardly believe that my cameras come from an error-free batch or that my firmware is different from yours.
But I deal intensively with the topic, see a possible problem and try to solve it with my possibilities - not always, but most of the time it works. Often I just have to correct my expectations and adjust accordingly ...
It is of no use, a new camera with a new image chip, new stabilization software etc. is not comparable 1: 1 with its predecessors and requires tests until the desired result meets the requirements. @ robert1326 describes the possible procedure very well!

Of course you can also keep your hands off it and use a different model - you can, you don't have to.


In the meantime, however, the following questions arise which should be officially answered by GoPro:

When will the Hero 9 support the GoPro remote control?
Will the Mobile GoPro APP also support the control of multiple cameras?
What about the update supply for current cameras? When I see that the last update for the Hero 7 was in Nov. 2019 and nothing since then - do I have to assume that update 2.01 for the Hero 8 will also be the last and that certain "peculiarities" will no longer be fixed ?!
And when will the next update for the Hero 9 come with the known deficiencies?
What is planned in this update - it would be more than interesting if you can read exactly what has been fixed / new in the release notes!

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

I did the same settings, even turned all my lights on. It's somewhat better but it's still glitchy when I do a jiggle test. There's little to no stabilization from just holding it by hand. I can see the edges of surfaces buzzing when I walk and the edges shake during every step.

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

Hero 9 image quality leaves a lot to be desired. 


I am noticing all the issues mentioned above. It just seems like the quality falls off very quickly. Really disapointed in the hero 9 right now. 


Ive tried a combination of settings with and without ND, locking shutter, running faster shutter, giving some ISO. The footage just looks muddy and the stabilization is not great. 


Seems like this sensor only works in very very very bright light, which kinda limits you to only filming with it at peak sun. I hope go pro can resolve some of this. 

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Re: Gopro 9 problems

Hopefully they can fix this with a firmware issue. I don't mind adjusting settings but my GoPro 6 is literally a point and shoot camera. Even indoors I never had to mess with the ProTune features and it wasn't close to this amount of shakiness. I would replace the unit if I didn't see so many issues on this thread. I think I'll just use my Osmo Pocket or purchase the Osmo Mobile 4. Also, my Osmo Pocket doesn't heat up as much and I'm sure the same can be said for the Osmo Mobile 4.