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Gopro 8 recording issue / problem



My GoPro 8 has a recording problem.


Intially when I bought it it worked fine, however I do recall updating the software and it may have casued this problem.


I am using a ScanDisk extreme, 128 GB V30 A2 card. I've done a reset on the card, but it didn't help. So I don't think it's the disk, right?


When I start recording the red light does turn on, however the time stands still. When I pause or stop recording it doesn't do anything. I can only turn it off by shutting the camera down or pulling out the battery.


Any advice how to solve this problem would be much appreciated.




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Re: Gopro 8 recording issue / problem

I asssume by "reset" you mean Format the SD Card. Formatting with Firmware 1.2 I had a couple of errors with. While formatting, where it would hang and not stop until I shut the camera down, restarted and tried Format again which was sucessful. Last night my GoPro app showed a version 1.5 of the firmware, so I've installed. It may clear up the SD card issues/errors. Maybe pull your card and format with pc and then reinstall in cam and see if recognized /records and try another Format.

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Re: Gopro 8 recording issue / problem

... hi,


couple of recommendations if I may:

  • make manual firmware update using a fresh hard formatted microSD card in PC (not quick format) where you will copy the UPDATE folder
  • follow the above instructions from desktop browser


  • I use a 4GB microSD card only for the manual update - take a shorter time to hard format, and I copy there the UPDATE folder again after update, just to have it with me in case

because "delete" a file from microSd card means you leave a fragmented area in microSD card, avoid deleting files on microSd card.


in everyday use:

  • I record on a fresh formatted sd card (in gopro)
  • from time to time I save externally what I want
  • I do not delete files on microSD card with PC, GoPro mobile app, or in the camera itself
  • instead, after I save all that I want, I format the card in the camera
  • once per month I hard format the SD card in PC 


just me,