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Gopro 8 black memory card/battery issue

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I don't know what is going on with my go pro.

Today I took an 11 minutes video in the go pro, and after that, when I inserted my sd card into my laptop, it is not showing any recording data. This is the second time with the same problem. First time I formated the memory card.

GoPro heats up automatically. And also, it switches on automatically.


Please help me with this problem. Always I am losing my important data.

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Re: Gopro 8 black memory card/battery issue

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Are you sure the SD card is compatible with your GoPro camera? Some cards won't work. Here is a list of suitable cards:


If you GoPro camera is switching on and begins recording when the shutter button is pressed, you will need to turn off Quick Capture:

1. Turn on the camera and swipe down to go to Preferences

2. Tap the General menu item and turn off QuickCapture


As for the heat, that is something that appears to be normal for these cameras. I use two GoPro Hero8 cameras to record about 2 straight hours of video each Sunday and both cameras get hot. The recordings don't seem to be affected by the heat and everything is working normally here.

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Re: Gopro 8 black memory card/battery issue

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Thank you the information.
But yeah I using the micro sd card which was with it. Thant is extreme SanDisk 32gb. Thought I am facing problem with it. Last time it was showing like unable to view. But this time the video disappeared totally.
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Re: Gopro 8 black memory card/battery issue

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Hi @santhoshk3257


If you haven't yet, try running a manual update. See

Format the SD card before saving the UPDATE folder.

Make sure to save any important files before proceeding with the update.


Let us know how it goes.
You may also reach out to our Support Team through for further assistance.