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Gopro 8 No output to tv-deal breaker

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As a skydiving professional, no hdmi /video output to a tv is a deal breaker! I can't add and don't need the media mod to shoot video in freefall. If I had known that I would not have upgraded! Now I have and expensive camera I can't use. I've had to down grade back to the GP 4. Gopro needs to find a software solution for video out. If I could at least cast my video to the tv with airplay would help. There are way too many steps required to show my student what they are doing in freefall on video. Crack the camera, take out the card,copy to file, cast from laptop to tv or watch on a small screen while everyone waits. I'm trapped in a GoPro black hole! I'm not the only one either, six of us upgraded and we all say the same. Please find a solution- add air play to the app or fix the video out! 

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Re: Gopro 8 No output to tv-deal breaker

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Hero 7 your Solution.


HDMI port $80.00, or maybe just make a HDMI adapter sell it for $40.00


at least they cut cost. and added it as an option.

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Re: Gopro 8 No output to tv-deal breaker

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You think removing an SD card from a camera and putting it in a laptop is "too many steps"???  Are there not a lot of steps in checking safety harnesses, making sure the parachute is packed and folded correctly before use, notifying other aircraft of sky diving activities in the area?  


Also, here's a thought...  go skydiving with your camera.  When you land and are back at the hanger wanting to show your students some feedback... then attach the media module for video out...  don't wear the thing skydiving......   Or is attaching a module too many steps also?


Look, if you want to strap something to your head and cast it to your TV later with airplay... just use your phone...  it will look totally awesome... (kidding)


And why would you downgrade to a GoPro Hero 4 that's stuck at a 4K 30FPS frame rate with no stabilization.  Why wouldn't you at least downgrade to a 5, 6, 7 that all have a built in HDMI out, higher resolution and frame rate and some form of image stalization that would help with wind buffeting at the very least.