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Gopro 8 Black poor battery life

La batteria della mia Gopro8 in condizioni normali funziona perfettamente mentre a basse temperature (0-2 gradi) dura per circa 15 minuti di riprese. Sabato in montagna dal 97% è scesa al 50% in 15 minuti ed a quel punto ha mandato il segnale di batteria scarica e si è spenta definitivamente.
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Re: Gopro 8 Black poor battery life

Hello @912ste986. Could the camera have been recording in high-performance modes such as 2.7K and higher or 60fps and higher? Cameras may have limitations when operating in very cold or hot temperatures, most notably in high-performance modes. These tips will help improve battery performance in cold environments. 

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Re: Gopro 8 Black poor battery life

Cold is no one's friend, keep it warm before you start and it will work.   like a car the colder it is the  slower it cranks, right? same with bats thecolder it  gets the less power..  Use a Hand warmer if  like for added warmth. if like?