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Gopro 7

When I first turned on my gopro 7 the front screen when on I could see the setting now when I turn it on the screen is blank. Anything I did that could have turned it off.
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Re: Gopro 7

 the screen in the front only displays theactions, and can not be turned off.    Do plug in to a computer the USB and what displays on the front when in the off and when in the On and do take a photo and post up. you may then need to contact the seller, return  and exchange.


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Re: Gopro 7

Hello @activebluf7.  There is no setting that could turn the front screen off. Do you see any visible damage to the camera that might have caused the screen to blank out? If the camera has not been used in water, and does not show any damage on the screen, and the screen just suddenly stopped working, see if manually updating the camera will bring the screen back. Steps for manual update are detailed here


If the issue remains, the next path is to contact our Support team at for further assistance. Alternatively, you may reach out to the seller for an exchange. Thanks!