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Gopro 7 white - artifical light problem

I have a problem with my gopro 7 white, when I switch on the light in a room/bathroom that's white (has white walls for example or the light is white), suddenly the gopro is recording with some black shades running up and down as you can see in this video: they look like some old tv effects or when you record the monitor of a computer. is this how a gopro 7 white should behave, or is it just mine that has this problem? This thing happens on both 1440p and 1080p.

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Re: Gopro 7 white - artifical light problem

flickering   looks more like it  regional thing could be the lighting etc....  try changing Whitebalace   try a different light source etc..

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Re: Gopro 7 white - artifical light problem

This is caused by the refresh rate of your camera being conflicting with the refresh rate of your lights.  You can lower the shutter speed if your camera or you can change the regional setting from 50hz to 60hz (or vice versa).  This should be an option in the menu somewhere I just don't know where off the top off my head.