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Gopro 7 loud error sound and freezing

My gopro is untoched for about three days, and when i opened it yeaterday it has a loud buzzing like loud error sound for like 3 seconds and the screen just black woth no display just light, is it mean my gopro is broken or is it mean it will be broken because of what happen?
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Re: Gopro 7 loud error sound and freezing

Hi @bryricafort


Are you using a HERO7 Black? Ensure that the SD card is not inserted between the SD card slot and the battery as this can put pressure on the back of the touch display.

If it's not the case, a manual update is the next step. Please refer to

You may also reach out to our Support Team for further assistance.







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Re: Gopro 7 loud error sound and freezing

The SD card is inserted correctly in SD slot and also the battery is inserted correctly, i just didnt use my gopro for 3 days and the battery is still there and i forgot to remove it because they say you have to remove the battery if you will not use it in days, and when I open it the gopro freeze and it has a buzzing sound when i open mu gopro but it last for just like 3 seconds and when i remove the battery and put it back and it went back to normal but my question is does my gopro got damage because of what happen