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Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

Hello dear gopro! I’m use GoPro camera about 4 years..Im very happy that u released a new Gopro 7 black! It’s camera is perfect model after gopro 4 black..I’m testing a new gopro 7 almost 2 weeks and very happynes of new stabilisation , it’s a perfect!! But i found one problem..when i making video or timewarp video..with turn on hypersmooth stabilization in evening with local lights or inside a building with same lights thr stabilization works so bad :( the image is not shaking but all backside lights in video have shaking! Can u fix it please? Because its horrible for quality
If you want i can send example for you
Thank u


For exapmple


As you can see...all video is to shaking :\

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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

Oddwe  feedback to the  submittted page  at

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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

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Just a couple of things upfront.  This is a member to member support community, so your post is not being sent to GoPro directly.  To do so, you can use the link that @fishycomics provided to give feedback to GoPro


Second, in most cases, EIS stabilization doesn't work well in low light or night filming (in any camera). A gimbal, such as the GoPro Karma Grip, is recommended in these lighting conditions with the camera EIS stabilization turned off.  However, as the HERO7 Black has a relatively small sensor as is primarily an action camera, it's not going to perform great in low light or night shots.


That being said, there are some settings you can try (you can also try combinations of these settings):

  1. Film in 4K (4:3)/24fps This will give you standard stabilization (less aggressive EIS is desirable in low light)
  2. Lock you min and max ISO at 800
  3. Use any resolution at 60fps but lock the shutter at 1/240 (adjust Max ISO to brighten the image as needed)
  4. Use a Native WB
  5. Use a Flatt color Profile
  6. Turn Sharpness to Low or Medium
  7. Increase EV to +2
  8. Set ISO Min to no lower than 400
  9. Selective Light Meter the center of the LCD/video frame
  10. Lock the Selective Light Meter to the darkest portion of the LCD/Video frame.

Try those settings (and combinations of those settings) and let us know how they work out.

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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

Very great...but why the GoPro team are not describe about this on your web page where they sell  camera? Or in promo video..Why they hide this ? It's not normal

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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

youre dealing with a action camera and a tiny cmos sensor that did not change for years. Protune s is a fancy word for manual settings. And that is where the camera shines. Using protunes. Old saying a great daytime outdoor camera
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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

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hi,   Smiley Wink


what Daniel recommended is based on the experience many of this forum's user shared here.

it is the result off a many tests made by gopro enthusiasts.


GoPro documentation is a very straith forward one, still somewere on GoPro support site I saw some recomendations...I cannot find them right now quickly.


I want to share with you also these:

- gopro is an action camera, meant to be use in good light

- yes, we want to capture also during night, and threfore we use this workaround

- this story was also for hero6

- started even worst

- we had to apply these workarounds to obtain a decent video

- but in time the latest firmware addressed all our reported issues, and now, hero6 can be used decently in low light full auto.


this will be with H7 as well, I'm confident.


still, if you want good quality film in low light, use these settings.

after all, a very big plus GoPRo has are these PT, manual controling is a must.


keep in mind that with a super performant iPhone X, Samsung S8, in low light automatically increase the exposure, making the photo blurred.

even here I use always manual settings, ISO and exposure, exactly like in GoPro.


thank you!




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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights


I wouldn't say GoPro "Hides" this, as a look at there promotional video clearly shows the HERO7 Black performing as an action camera in good lighting.  I think the promotional video makes it pretty clear that it is predominantly an action camera.

As far as why they do not describe low light limitations on the web page where they sell the camera.....well, I don't think it's a common practice for companies to list what their product does not excel at, is it?


As @robert1326 mentioned, we certainly expect firmware updates to the HERO7 Black throughout the year.  It's not uncommon for GoPro to release 3 or more updates throughout the year to improve the camera functions.  Typically, the first big update comes a few months after release.  Unfortunately, it's usually the most ambitious update which focuses on customer feedback, but brings with it a new set of issues.  You fix one thing and a new issue pops up.  The update that follows usually comes quicker and addresses the new issues.  It's mostly a bug fix update and only brings minor changes.  The Third update is usually closer to about 9 months after release and is the most stable firmware.  In some cases, at about one year after release, we get a fourth and final update.  This is not a "typical" release but does happen on occasion with some cameras.  This fourth and final update brings some of the new tech being developed for the newest release camera and makes the current camera compatible with software or devices that are being released with the newest camera.


There are work arounds and if you play with your Protune settings and your resolutions/frame rates, it is possible to get suitable low light and night time videos (BTW, there is a big difference between low light and night time shooting).  However, there are very few, if any, sub $1,000 cameras that can get very good night time video and that have all of the features of the HERO7 Black.


For the best stabilized video at night/Low light, GoPro does provide a solution with the GoPro Karma Grip.  However, even the Grip cannot change the fact that you are dealing with a 1/2.3 sensor. With the proper settings and a good video editor, you can get very good results, but it does take practice and a bit of know how.


Finally, just to make sure you are clear on this, WE are not GoPro.  This is a member to member support community.  The responses you are getting here are from people who, like you, have purchased and use GoPro products.  We are happy to help and lend advice and tips, but I don't want you to confuse our responses as being directly from GoPro.


A very good source of information to help you get started in improving your understanding and use of your GoPro camera is Abe Kislevitz' site.  He is a media creator for GoPro and has lots of helpful information on his website.  You can also follow him on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter.


Here are some good links/articles to get you started:

Main Page

Only GoPro Related

Understanding Video

Understanding Photo

HERO7 Black


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Re: Gopro 7 black - hyperstab works bad on local lights

Your not alone! Im facing this same exact issue in low light siuations. I have it on 2.7K 60 fps and hypersmooth on as with 4K you can't do hypersmooth and the video looks horrible! GoPro needs to fix this asap as all my footage I shot in low light for my business is unusable on my work trip to Orlando and now im not there to reshoot it with my other low light camera.


I also would rather have GoPro make a bigger camera model in trade for bigger sensor for better low light as the noise on the videos is almost unbareable.