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Gopro 7 and karma grip

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I'm having some problems with gopro 7 and karma grip.
Often it happens that when I turn on the karma grip the gopro remains off. no beep
Often it happens that I turn off karma grip but the gopro stay on.
Other times it happens that when I switch off the karma grip on the gopro the display remains backlit. The battery drains completely
There is a solution for all these problems?

Version Firmware karma grip: 1.80
Version Firmware go pro hero 7 black: 1.70

Thank a lot.

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Re: Gopro 7 and karma grip

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Hi @bkdama


Disassemble the Karma Stabilizer from the Drone or the Grip (Take the camera out of the harness, harness off stabilizer, and stabilizer off handle or drone). Reassemble everything.

Ensure the Karma Stabilizer is up to date. (attach to Karma Grip and connect to Quik for Desktop. Keep in mind, this is only for the stabilizer and not the Grip Handle)

You can also perform a hard reset on the grip;

Power off the Karma Grip and camera
Hold the mode/power button for 8-10 seconds.
If done properly, all of the LEDs on the grip will blink once and power off the grip.
Then all four LED lights will flash with a single red bottom light.
Continue holding and the Karma Grip and camera will power back on.


Let us know how it goes.




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Re: Gopro 7 and karma grip

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Thanks for the reply.

I tried the hard reset of the karma grip but the same problem remain.



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Re: Gopro 7 and karma grip

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Hello @bkdama


In that case, the next step would be to get in touch with our Support team for further assistance. You may reach them by phone or chat through . You can also direct them to this thread for reference on what have been done already. Please keep us posted on how it goes.