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Gopro 7 Hero Black - my opinion

Hi guys


I very often check this forum and read a lot of threads. Many of you has so strange and diferent issues. Maybe my device is unique but I don't have most of yours issues and I am curiouse why GoPro producing one but soo mych diferent product. 


What do I have for sure :


- lot of heat after 15 minutes but honestly I am record short clips like max 10 minutes so maybe it is not a big deal.

- have no curage to put this camera in the water without some protecting case. I am pretty sure GP7HB is not waterproof/resist. The problem is in quality of made. I had in my hand at least 4 GP7HB and they looks like the same but size of gap between parts, locking doors is far diferent.When the factory does not maintain a standard, there will always be a deviation from the norm.

- battery drain, well it is better after 1.7 patch (still hesitate to do 1.8)but I keep my batteries away if Im not use camera - weird.

- still no indicators after last patch (come on GoPro at least baterry level)


actually thats all. I had my device on the holiday at the seaside and I am really happy. Quality of videos, timewarps, timelapse and even photo are outstanding. And here we should ask a question: Would I buy GP7HB again if I could back to the day when I bought....yes I would buy. I knoe issues......but for me the most important is quality and belive me any smartfone with some stabilization or with gimbal will not be better than this camera. Maybe some mirrorless camera but is not so mobile like this little buddy. Thats why is it worth to have. Stabilization is really good. 

To be clear - I am not GoPro member and they didnt pay me, this is my personal user opinion.


Advices(just for free only today ;)) for GoPro (my opinion) for the next generation:


- do not release new product so fast. It means no patch for version 7. There is still somethng to do...

- focus on STANDARDS - as I wrote above. Check your quality control area and for sure testers(I could be for free If you need).

- it would be amazing to have ultraquick autofocus which give us bokeh effect - next company who will do it will be a king. It is super hard to do this in sport - action - cameras for sure but worth...

- fight with heat

- no I think color screen in front like Osmo has is not necessary. It makes unnecessary production costs. Do you know how many times I look at it :) maybe 4 at all.

- allowed customer to set own FOV in any resolution.

- turn ON/OFF speed - yepp it takes too long time. Lets call it - quickaccess.

- baterry capacity should be ~ 1600mAh + standards. Battery from Samsung SDI are way better than Amperex company.

- case materials - well should be more solid - this rubber surface will be down soon.

- some optical zoom - not fake electronic would be nice like 3x times zoom

- and finally - my fav ones - indicators. Let supose that you bought Tesla spend a lot fo $ for it but it has not indicators of battery and speed ;) while driving, are you happy >? for sure NOT. Now you bought GoPro - you have no battery life and sd card space left while recording - are you happy >? for sure NO. The easiest task GoPro.


Ok guys thats all I remember. GoPro 7 Hero Black is a "good plus" product. And the last thing, this is my video from this holidays - all catched by this little buddy:


(watch it in 1440p) 


see yaa



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Re: Gopro 7 Hero Black - my opinion

Users have issues because they simply get the camera. right out of the box they want to record and they say my battery is dead it depleted real fast, it over heated etc.... they did not bother to follow advice of the manufacturer that the bat needs cycle charging, and  understand it has to work like a horse,,, so on... they also  think that their  old stuff will  be a lot better then the newer trchnology and  wonder why their computer is to slow for it but does great otherwise,,, the list goes on and on.


I have minimal issies, if some one said they had ZERO issues then there is a problem.


format a card, charge the battery a few times, get to know the camera, and off we go, why we hang is to help others ofall AGES to understand not to rush into things....