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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

Give reformatting a try. Once it's reformatted, you can shoot some more content and see if the lag continues.

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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

My experience so far is that the Hero6 is slower in loading galleries than previous Hero cameras. When there are only a handful of files it's quick and responsive, but after a full day of photos and videos, it does lag.

I don't use the camera gallery very often because when I want to review my footage I use the app. I wanted to comment on this first, to provide an alternate solution and second to point out that it's most likely not a defective camera but rather just how this camera tends to behave.
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

Oh, and another "fix" that improves the performance is to reset the camera when you start getting the lag.
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

oh gosh...i really hope thats not the case...We should be easily go to the gallery quick and easy to view / delete files!
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

One word of warning, when you start deleting files you create gaps on the SD card. The files are written sequentially. When the card begins to fill up and there are gaps you force the camera to write randomly which is much slower for both reading and writing. Basically, you get a fragmented drive.

Deleting files should be done at the end of your days shoot and in most cases, really doesn't need to be done on the card itself. If you have been doing a lot of file deletions through the gallery, this could also be contributing to the slow down. It's not that can't, but you should avoid it if you can.
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

Also, you should not be using the SD card to store files and should be formatting (quick) frequently and doing a full format periodically.
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

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I agree with @danielr15...


from the early days I used hero5, I noticed that, if I delete files on microSD card directly:

- camera is slow when using playback

- sometimes, I cannot read the files, and this was really bad, files had errors.


think the file management.

in the first part of the volume (SD card, hard disk, solid state drive, etc.) is a FAT, exFAT zone....File Allocation Table.

here are pointers about where in the volume the file is.

if you use it simple, film, photo, do not delete, the files are continuous.

if you delete files, the new file is written in the "hole" you deleted the previous.

then continue in other place, so for a file, in the FAT will be more information, more pointers.

when read such of "defragmented" file, the operating system have a lot of job to do, so will be slower.


so, keeping simple, help camera to help you...



so, I never delete files.

I prefer, at the end of the "working" day, to copy to laptop, cloud, etc. what it is important.

after that I format the microSD card on my camera.


 just me,