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Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

Hey guys, any of you encounter massive lag time when you look through galleries?


I'm currently using a 64GB sandisk extreme pro and updated to latest V1.51.


I swear its not the SD card issue as my friend HERO 4 can load the gallery faster than me!


Did I get a lemon Gopro 6? If so is there anyway I can do something about it?



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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

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I agree with @danielr15...


from the early days I used hero5, I noticed that, if I delete files on microSD card directly:

- camera is slow when using playback

- sometimes, I cannot read the files, and this was really bad, files had errors.


think the file management.

in the first part of the volume (SD card, hard disk, solid state drive, etc.) is a FAT, exFAT zone....File Allocation Table.

here are pointers about where in the volume the file is.

if you use it simple, film, photo, do not delete, the files are continuous.

if you delete files, the new file is written in the "hole" you deleted the previous.

then continue in other place, so for a file, in the FAT will be more information, more pointers.

when read such of "defragmented" file, the operating system have a lot of job to do, so will be slower.


so, keeping simple, help camera to help you...



so, I never delete files.

I prefer, at the end of the "working" day, to copy to laptop, cloud, etc. what it is important.

after that I format the microSD card on my camera.


 just me,


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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

I haven't noticed any lag, but the most i've had stored on mine is about 15 clips. Do you have a lot of photos and videos

stored on your card?, if so, how many ?

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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

I have around 100 clips ranging from 15 secs to 3 minutes.

But again when I place that card into my friend gopro hero 4. It's much much quicker.
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

Are any of photos like night lapse   any time i have night lapse photo forgetaboutit,  and yes I am using a heero 4 not 6 so  it can be related. if asked  try to simply trial and error rule things out


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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

No night lapse at all! Just simple 1080p video with pictures
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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!



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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

@norrisyu - Try updating to the newest firmware that was just released to see if that helps. Also, just to check, if you do have another card you can try, that can help isolate that it's not the SD card.




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Re: Gopro 6 gallery huge lag!

so Sraff issaying that firmware   can correct t he issue, never know but what if it  doesnot? that is the big question here?