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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

Yesterday I charged it from a 5V 1A USB wall adapter (chromecast to be precise). I was charging it fully off with the settings below. I plugged it off once the LEDs went off and didn't bother turning on and went to sleep.

When I woke up, and turned it on, bat is at 99%.

Am using v1.55 in H5B
- GPS on
- Auto rotate up
- LED front off
- Wifi off
- Quick capture off
- Voice control off
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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

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@Anonymous wrote:



Sorry to hear about that.

Mine fiexd itself after the firmware update and testing it for 2 weeks long.

Now after 3 weeks of not using it it went from 100% to 99%.

I can live with that. 

I am filming with an external battery hooked up to it and I never had since any issues. 





i will describe my experience as it can help other.


i had the same problem of the battery draining fast at the very first use and it was really disturbing.


it takes me about two hours to fix that. First off all I found on a forum that some have disabled quick capture function.


so I disabled quick capture then let the H5B charge at minium 40% it was becoming hot. In my case the firmware update not worked until the battery reached 40% (quick ask you to do the update everytime it connect before the 40%).


after the successfull update i removed the battery and let everything on marble to let it cool for 20min.


the I put back the battery and checked the version to confirm the update went well (1.55)


since, the battery is not draining anymore and I made a test filming in 1080 60fps after 1 hours the battery was at 46%


and no problem during the night.


if i can give an advice for people having this is to :

disable quick capture

disable voice control

disable gps 

charge battery at at least 40%

do the firmware update and check the version to be sure (1.55)


the re-enable what you want. It worked for me.

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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

I have the same problem:  I unboxed my brand new GoPro Hero 5 yesterday and charged it as instructed (using my Mac's desktop usb port) until the red light went off. I used it for a total of 2 minutes and this morning the battery was so low that it gave me a warning about the battery being low.


I just plugged it into my Mac to recharge but I see no red light on the GoPro saying that the battery is charging. So I am pretty sure it is not charging up now either.


Any thoughts anyone?


Thank you




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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

@Anonymous - Can you try charging the camera using a wall charger instead of the computer? Sometimes when the camera is connected to the computer it's actually in a sync mode. If you try to charge using the wall charger, we can isolate that issue. If the battery doesn't charge after you've charged it using a wall charger, then the issue may be with the battery itself.


If that's the case, please contact our Support team at and we'll help you out with this.





FYI for everyone else, here's more info on charging your HERO5 Black:

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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

Hey guys

Can someone tell me how to run the firmware update?
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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

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On your computer, go to the support main page and click the link that says update your camera. On the next page you should see a picture of your camera (the default is Hero5 Black). If it's not your camera, use the drop down menu at the top right to select your camera model. At the bottom of the page you will see a link that says update your camera manually. Click this. On the next page you will be asked to enter your camera serial number and your information. The serial number can be found in the battery compartment of your camera. I use my phone to take a picture of it for my records and so I can enlarge the picture to more easily read the number. After entering the information you will proceed to the download. NOTE: on the download page you press the download firmware twice. The first time it prepares your update file and the second time it downloads it. You will need to insert your SD card into your computer with an adaptor, NOT directly with the camera and cable. Download the file to your computer's desktop or download folder. DO NOT PUT THIS FILE ON YOUR SD CARD. After downloading the file you need to extract (unzip) it. The extracted file will be called Update and will have files inside. Select your SD card and format it. This will wipe your card clean so if you have any files you want, move them off your card and onto your computer before formatting. On Windows you format the card by right clicking the SD card and choosing format. Once done, move the Update folder onto the SD card. Be careful to not select the file as this will not work. Eject the SD card. On Windows, right click and select eject. If you don't eject and just pull the card you can get file structure issues on your card. Insert the SD card into your camera. If the camera doesn't auto on and start updating, press the side button on Hero5 Black, the back lower button on both Session cameras, and the front mode button on all other Hero cameras (excluding Hero2 and older). Let the update run until completion. The camera will auto off and on during the process so let it be until you get a check notification on the front screen letting you know the update is complete. If the update hangs for longer than 10-20 minutes, pull the battery and repeat the above steps. If it hangs a second time, try a different SD card. If it hangs a third, contact GoPro customer service directly.

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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off


A lot of people have the same problem but the guys from gopro only say how to charge a battery, or advise us which sd card we should use blabla... too blad.

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Re: Gopro 5 Black battery drain when off

I'm having serious battery drain issues as well... Ugh how frustrating! I've been waiting a long time for this GoPro 5 and was looking forward to an amazing little camera! I recharged it last night, everything off from GPS to voice to quick capture. I reformatted the SD card, and this morning it was at 25%! It was off overnight. No worries connections, nothing. This is the 4th time this has happened with the battery drain so it seems consistent. Gunna return to BestBuy tomorrow =\