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GoProMax timewarp problem...

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Hi, i shooted a 6 minutes GoProMax's timewarp video, i have converted it from GoProMax Exporter and it's looks fine in GoPro VR player. 
But somehow when i imported it to Premiere Pro ,the video just gone green screen after 2 minutes. I have a few timewarp video which also happens the same things. It only happens in timewarp video, normal 360 video is totally fine. I need your help otherwise my 1 hours video is gonna be in recycle bin. Thanks!!

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Re: GoProMax timewarp problem...

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Hello @fleetstoke580. Is this issue observed when you do TimeWarp in HERO mode as well? When using a 360 TimeWarp video, doe sit matter which speed setting is used? Are you able to view the files correctly through the GoPro App?


The information on the SD card used, as well as the firmware version of the MAX camera that you are using, the version fo the Premiere Pro installed on your computer, and a screenshot showing the issue will hellp us further isolate the source of the trouble. We hope to hear back from you.