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GoPro7 Black Red Underwater Filter Video Lag?



This was my 1st time diving with an underwater filter (red). I ended the dives with footage with a red filter, and footage without the red filter on. While reviewing the footage with the filter on, I noticed small lag spikes. All footage from the same dives without the filter on is perfectly smooth. Any idea why or what caused this? It only seems to show during camera movement.


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Matt Stec

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Re: GoPro7 Black Red Underwater Filter Video Lag?

Hello @matts865.  We have not heard of this issue, thank you for sharing. Is the observation true for all the videos taken with the filter on? How are you viewing the media? Do other media players show the issue? These are details that would help us get a better understanding of what is happening.


Although the result may depend on the diving conditions, the HERO7 Black detects when you are in water and adjusts white balance accordingly. It performs well even for scuba diving but up until certain depth, so the camera alone would be sufficient for underwater shooting. 


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