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GoPro won't turn on if a battery is inserted.

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I have just received a GoPro hero 5 black and was so excited to use it. I followed all the proper set up guidelines and yet, the gopro would not turn on. I figured the battery just needed to be charged. So I plugged it in and a red light came on for a second and then went away. I didn't think anything of it. After a few hours of "charging" it still would not turn on. I've spent days searching the internet/YouTube for a solution, but I can't get it to work. I can turn my gopro on by plugging it in without inserting the battery. But that means my "GO"pro can't actually go anywhere. Can I send my camera back for them to fix? Please help.
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Re: GoPro won't turn on if a battery is inserted.

It would be better if you could borrow another battery from someone to find out if it's a camera issue or a battery issue.  However yes, yes you can return your camera (providing you bought it new and have proof of purchase).  Just use the "contact us" option at the bottom of the page.  If however you bought the camera 2nd hand or refurbished, it may not be covered by a warranty.  Either way, GoPro will let you know your best options.

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Re: GoPro won't turn on if a battery is inserted.

Hi @alertboost3845,


You may contact GoPro customer support and just let them know about the problem. 

If you have extra battery you can use that to check if it's a camera issue or battery problem. 

You can also try to charge your camera for at least an hour then turn it on while it's connected to a wall charger.


If it's really not working you have to contact GoPro customer support: