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GoPro's applications for windows and android, lid for charger broke



I have been using Gopro Hero5 Black and Session for three years now but haven't been able to create any good content because of the bad applications for Windows laptops and for Android phones. I have no idea how compatible the cameras are with apple products but the experience I'm having is discouraging me from really using the cameras.

With bad applications I mean it is pretty hard to figure out how to use, hard to customize the camera e.g. rename the camera, quick application crashes almost everytime I try to edit anything, no explenations for certain type of commands that can't be performed e.g. "battery too low to update the camera" - "well what's the minimum percentage of the battery to be able to download an update?", very slow to connect through the app.


These issues has been the same since I bought the camera and no matter what kind of WiFi I'm connected to. 


Another thing is that the lid for the charging port has been detached from the camera and was wondering how I can turn in it for repair or change to a new camera?

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Re: GoPro's applications for windows and android, lid for charger broke

Hi @royalboost00445


You need to have the battery at least 40% charged to be able to complete the update process.


Please note that charging/side doors are removable.

See How to Open Battery Door and Remove Side Door for reference.


You may also reach out to our Support Team through for further assistance.