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GoPro over heating and battery life

Just purchase an GoPro hero 7 black and when I opened the box everything seem to be fine but the battery life was at 6%, I made sure I drained the battery then recharged it now the GoPro is overheating to the point it where I don’t want to hold it especially the lens Andy battery performance is horrible since I recharged it to 94% then 3 hours later without lose its at 44% I have nothing on in the settings please help
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Re: GoPro over heating and battery life

Completely draining the battery can actually damage it. Although today's batteries are smart enough to report 0% but still hold a charge, it's good practice to not do full drains whenever possible.

When you say over heating, do you mean while it's recording? It's a sealed camera that is waterproof, so if you are filming in high resolutions or frame rates, it will get hot. The lens is where most heat escapes, so it will generally be the hottest (prolonged 4K recording can make it extremely hot, so try not to touch it).

Excessive heat and battery drain is generally related to your SD card. You should be using a card from this list. 64GB cards seem to work best.

If you haven't done so already, factory reset the camera, do a FULL (not quick) format of the card in your computer, download and install the manual update, and then format the card in the camera. Try a different card from the list if your problems continue.

Whenever possible, do not store the battery in the camera.

Some members have reported that it takes a few battery cycles of use and charging before they get optimum performance.

Always be sure you are using the provided GoPro USB-C cable and are using a charger that meets these specifications.

Some members have also noted that having Auto Low light turned off and locking the camera orientation to UP (or down when mounted upside down) improves performance.

Additionally, removing the SD card during charging has been reported as the optimum way to get a good complete charge.
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Re: GoPro over heating and battery life

first step brand new charge the battery not drain it. over  5 uses of charging the battery will work better.    the gopro   has a battery life of an hour give or tak and with certain settings used  that will change.


So since you never mention anything but  drains   I suggest to lower your touch-display  turn off wifi, turn voice command wake on  all off even gps, also lower the video resolution and also turn off hypersmooth the battery will increase in time


 until you get used to the camera that is what happens