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GoPro mount and lesson learned



Purchased a GoPro Hero 7 a few months ago (great stabillization) and mounted it to the top of my ski pole.  Actually, one of GoPro's old designers helped me countersink the mount "properly". 

On Sunday, I had a great day of skiing only to get back to the car to realize the entire GoPro popped out of the mount.  I was in the backcountry, so decided to hike in and spent 7 miles digging around anywhere along the approach trail that I thought the camera could be.  


I sure wish there was a GPS locator on them :(

Does GoPro ever help someone out in this situation?  I am not looking for a free camera, but anything to offset the cost of a new one would be appreciated.

In the future, is there a way that GoPro recommends mounting the camera with a back-up of some sort in case the camera pops out of the mount?

Thank you!


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Re: GoPro mount and lesson learned

Hi @alerthero5,


Sorry to know what happened.

Please try to get in touch with GoPro Customer Support team to check if there's a way or any available option. 


Also you might want to consider getting a tether next time. 

So that just in case your camera pops out or disconnects to mount it will still be attached to something. 




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Re: GoPro mount and lesson learned

Hi Jay...thanks for responding.


A tether...makes complete sense!  Now...GPS??? LOLOL


I saw some videos about trying to speak to the GoPro if you need the vicinity of where it came off.  7 miles of snow trails made that impossible.  But, I gave it the ole college try!!!


Thanks again!