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GoPro hero + housing broke

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So the actual plastic part of the water proof housing broke off the GoPro so I can no longer close the housing or latch the door close, so the door not being able to close on this camera is a very big dilemma. And from what I understand the Gopro hero + camera is actually built into the housing so I won’t be able to simply just buy new housing for it will I?
How can I fix this issue or is there any help for a solution besides buying a completely new camera only because the plastic housing broke. The camera itself works fine so it seems wasteful, thank you.
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Re: GoPro hero + housing broke

There is always trade offs with price points.  In this case the GoPro Hero + was their cheaper model and as a result it's built into the housing and has a non replacable battery.  Unfortunately once that housing breaks your only option if you want an action camera is to buy a new one.


So you can use that camera as part of the trade up offer that they have.

Or you can keep your camera and use it for non action purposes (bird watching, dash cam with a glued together mount etc).  


Just use your imagination and creativity to make a custom solution for your problem, heck, design a solution for your issue and ask someone to 3D print it for you.  The possibilities are endless............ or just trade it in.