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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Comedy gold mate so funny.


I don't know what your day job is but I do know you're wasting your time on here not even getting a free tee or pizza at least.


You should have your own show or writing for someone else's.

Total comedy genius mate...what a laugh.



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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Tough way to start a Monday

Even though I like rhymes

Not what I thought you would say

I swear, I've comitted no crimes (that's a good rhyme right?!)


Give me the benefice of the doubt

You know I'm trying my best

So what is this about

Want to put me to the test?


Now hold your horses my friend

You think I don't know your name

Myself now I have to defend

Maybe I just didn't know your nickname


Seems like I was missing

A little piece of knowledge 

Stuff that I keep forgetting

But that I have now acknowledged 


I just had to connect the dots

Irishman is Ian Moore

My brain is just full of knots

But now you see I am sure


Caring is all I do

Sometimes probably way too much

See I'm writing a poem too

Trying to prove as such


Sure I'd share the coffee

or the pizza with you

If life would be easy

No covid, no ocean to meet you


I believe users matter

And I'm here to help

Yes I will be better 

So give me 5 stars on yelp (ok that one was just nuts) lol




So no I didn't count 12, hope it'll be ok anyway!

I'm sorry and don't be mad - you know I didn't mean it like that, but you see - I've invited you once on the beta group and once again, it proves that I was right coz you're a great user ;) And from the 721 people that have signed, I do know your name!

I'll talk to you next in our Feedback channel and Messenger.

Cheers Ian! Don't be mad, I'm really trying my best - don't make me write a song about it ;)))


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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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This is what I'm talking about
This is a dream come true
This is GoPro communicating nicely
This is why I can't be mad at you


In fact it's given me idea's
Some good, some bad, some nuts
Like leaving all my feedback in rhyme
(you got to admit that takes guts!)


Or GoPro should liven this forum
Give people a christmas high!
Hand out random grab bags
To the most helpful, funniest replies!


Or a GoPro YouTube channel
Where team members are introduced
Give the public that personal connection
While giving GoPro a social media boost


We don't know who we are talking to
Are they dumb, clever or sharp?
We don't get to see who's behind the scenes
(Unless they are talanted and play a harp)


So thank you for your wonderful reply
I'm impressed I'll happily admit
It was funny, thoughtful and well planned out
It did have a great deal of wit!


So here's to a happy Monday
I'll have to end this here
Please make more moving musical harp songs
(but please don't spill any more beer)


And since there's oceans and covid between us
And we can't share a nice pizza bread
How about we make a meal donation
To the hard working first responders instead



Yup, this is my Monday and I'm hoping the week get's better.  Aye, perfectly understandable that you don't know my name or associate it with my knickname (or at least the knickname I can use in public, the other ones that people call me.....probably can't be written down).  I do understand that you guys are trying hard to fix things and yes, you're working outside your area too so indeed, thank you for that, it is very much appreciated.  I think people just need more feedback from GoPro and it would do a lot to ease their worries or concerns, as I'm sure you know, some threads have gotten extremely long and it's simply because people have no idea if their issues are being addressed or not (again, not your area, but whom do I pass this back to and do I know they would actually consider what I'm saying?).


So please know this, I never write poetry (even bad poetry) if I'm angry or mad, only if I'm feeling wry and amused, so no ill intent was ever meant (oh god I just rhymed that too.... it's true...).  I know you know who I am as I've bugged you enough with my inane requests for features on the app (although I haven't mentioned color changing GPS stickers for that disco look yet!!!).  So thank you for your witty well thought out reply, my hat is off to you for that, this is one of the reasons I like to help out on the forums, simply because you and support do a really great job in the face of adversity.  


Thank you again.

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Isn't it odd that your thread has been taken over by people writing poetry?  Bet you never thought that would happen when you asked about condensation issues on your screen.  Physics and Poetry.......  sounds like it should be the name of a wierd science book on Amazon....

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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@irishmanpdx wrote:

Dude are you serious?  I'm Irish... you honestly don't think I know where to get a drink?   It's like a genetic survival skill at this point.....


If I was lost in the middle of a desert, I assure you, I'd be able to plot a line blindfolded to the nearest pub.....


Smiley Very Happy 😀😆



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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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guys a girls.... 👍👌


I respond in rhymes on my work emails.... but I'm a kindergarden compared with you!... you made my day!





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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Ahh great comeback..I'm loving every second of this.

May I say should really hire him or at least give him some free GoPro goodies and some recognition of his good work.


For example. I had tried to get some help from the GoPro team to help me solve a problem or for at least for them to explain what the problem was and I never got any word back from the admin on this site. So finally I reached out to mariustanya after multiple attempts to get in-touch with GoPro online or by phone or chat was near impossible. 

and this was the reply back I got ..


Hello, @boardforlie. Sorry, we are unable to set a specific time or time frame for a callback as it depends on the queue and the availability of the agents. Support is open until 6 pm daily from Monday to Friday. See if initiating a chat conversation will be better considering your availability. Thanks!



Nothing against mariustanya but this was no help on my issue what so ever and also a robot like response 

so after this i really had enough bad experiences with GoPro at this stage and was trying to get a RMA code to return my whole order..Order #MP-04374889 which adds up to £375.45 for a full refund


Then ( irishmanpdx ) posted on my forum a explanation and a solution why i was having my issue and a way to solve/prevent it happing again and also made me smile along the way . as you can clearly read his responses here . this help me fix my issue and stopped me returning my order back to GoPro for a full refund and also saved GoPro loosing another customer. this was a 100x a much more better experience i got from him than the GoPro team.


So just for this reason alone ...I think yous owe him something.


Please do yourself/GoPro a favour and hire him. 

This is the kind of people GoPro needs..someone who is knowledgeable intelligent extremely helpful and most important doesn't answer like a robot..(and as a bonus is also great at busting rhymes/ poems :) anyway its subjective but this is my thoughts,


Have a nice day

Kind Regards

Peace out.


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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Ah yes mate, this has become so much more interesting and entertaining than addressing the condensation issue.


If Gopro dont sort you out with anything please let me know ill send you a little something on paypal to by yourself a drink.

Just a little thanks form me to you for all your help and most of all making me laugh.


Nice one mate

Peace out