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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Dude are you serious?  I'm Irish... you honestly don't think I know where to get a drink?   It's like a genetic survival skill at this point.....


If I was lost in the middle of a desert, I assure you, I'd be able to plot a line blindfolded to the nearest pub.....


I haven't had much issues with my GP9 heating up any more than my other camera's.  I'd suggest you make sure your SD card is approved, properly formatted in the camera before use and just shoot in the resolution and frame rate you need to.  Also since GPS doesn't work, just turn it off and lighten the load your camera is doing.  Make sure you have a timeout set for your screens and the brightness is reduced to 10%.


Also, cold air doesn't always mean wet air.  Air can be cold and dry too.  This is why you get freezer burn on products stored too long in the freezer, the moisture is drawn out of the food and condenses on the freezer coils (as the freezer coils are ultra dry, so they attract the moisture).  


As for working for GoPro, ya know, it would be nice if the GoPro folks put a program in place for those that help out on the support forum and said "Ok, he made it 24 hours without insulting someone, give that man a t-shirt....", or "He's done such a good job, we'll give him a GoPro discount on a Hero that CAN be combined with other offers"....  Can I at least get a pizza voucher?   Just saying @aenriquez @haindash @aragon1006 @mariustanya (now THAT's how I drop a hint...)


ANYWAY.... glad I could help you with your camera fogging up and hopefully the suggestions I made help prevent further fogging.  By the way, even with expensive DSLR camera's, when shooting in the cold and then moving into a warm environment, you still have to let them aclimatize to the temp change due to the build up of condensation.  Used to have to do the same with VCR tapes too (and since tape was an oxidized metal anyway, it really didn't like moisture at all!).


If you need any further help with anything, just post in the forums and hopefully we can get a solution going for you.


Have a fantastic time with your camera, get great footage and remember to enter the GoPro awards!

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Haha too funny mate.


A message to @aenriquez @haindash @aragon1006 @mariustanya  can yous please sort out irishmanpdx with a keg( for starters ) a 16"pizza and a free tee at least for helping a brother out, I was on the fence for sending it back and just rolling with the h6 still. 

But hes managed to changed my mind..nice1 dude. its got to be worth a free tee/keg/pizza at least 


 @aenriquez @haindash @aragon1006 @mariustanya  sort the brother out. 

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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@irishmanpdx I was just wondering - are you in the GoPro App beta pool that I am running?
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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Hi  .... Even with front screen turned off My GoPro Hero 9 Black overheating too ....and since the October21st Update have been getting crashes green purple dotted screen , sayes it making a movie when in fact nothing being saved except audio .... and worse I just brought a Remote for doing action work  and the Remote no find Camera ..... GoPro say nothing about this on their website .... keen to get ya $$$ or Japanese yen in my case , and no support ,......


keep smiling I guess and wait for next update .... about as bad as Microsoft buggy OS until SP1 comes out .... or SP2



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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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What a great start to my morning

What a great start to my day

You made my jaw drop to the floor

With the things you had to say


Am I in your beta group?

Are you serious when you ask?

Do I take part and help to improve?

Am I even up to the task?


Yes I'm in your Beta Group!

I think it's just divine!

I've even had to write you a poem

Sharing my feelings for the GoPro 9!


I feel like you don't know me

Or maybe you just don't care

I feel I'm just another cloud in the sky

and you don't even know I'm there


Is it because I don't matter?

Am I just another customer to you?

Is this how you meant to make me feel

So alone and feeling so blue?


It's not like the groups got lots of members

And I rarely post about anything much

It's not like we're seperated by thousands of miles

And we don't hang out as such..


Oh wait that's exactly it

We both lead our seperate lives

I guess I don't feel as insulted now

And I can go back to giving High Fives!


So I'll stop writing this poem

As it's too much effort you see

Also I need to help people on this forum

(which apparently I'm doing for free...)


I'm not saying I deserve compensation

I'm not saying I'm great (that's a lie!)

I'm just saying "Throw me a t-shirt!

or a least a slice of pizza pie!"


Yes this poem is badly written

I composed it early and fast

But I was bored and had too much coffee

..and it probably won't be my last...


So yes I'm in your Beta

and I have been for quite some time

To make it handier to remember

I'll now give all my feedback in rhyme....



Smiley Tongue

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Nah, sounds like you have real issues.  What SD card are you using?  If you remove the SD card, does your GoPro still act up in regards screen issues?

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Ah mate I'm so glad to have got the chance to have read that…

Your reply is comedy gold, far too funny mate you brought a tear to my eye...funniest reply back i have read to date, other people in my canteen was giving me the look whats he looking at on his phone and wanted in on it.

So they also had the pleasure of reading it too and getting a good giggle before going back to the grind.  


I don't know what kind of coffee you're drinking up their mate but keep it topped up. I think you should do all your replies in poem...they're great.


You've got my vote for president, prime minster or pope.


Thanks for making our day. 

Nice 1

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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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I'm glad you found it funny

And that my poetry made your day

Laughing out loud in the canteen though?

Made a lot of folks look your way...


They probably thought you were looney

That's you'd finally lost your mind

And so out of cautious concern for you

They ventured over and what did they find?


You were reading a poem online

And it wasn't written by one of the greats!

Shakespear or Wordsworth it was not..

Nor was it worth the wait...


But at least it got a cheap laugh

And a sad slow shake of the head

They now know you're not nutty

It's some random wierd online instead....