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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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You're a good person @boardyforlife but no payment is needed............ unless GoPro is reading this in which case "of course payment is needed!!!!".


Seriously though, I'm just glad I was able to help with your issue and hopefully come up with a solution.  If you want to pay me back all you have to do is go out and make some cool video's and post them on your YouTube channel (and post the link here!).  Then just share your shooting tips and help other people get the most out of their GoPro's.  One of those pay it forward things.  And hey, if you see someone who has condenstation issues with their GoPro, point them to this thread!


The folks at GoPro are pretty awesome and they do their best given the time and pressure they are under.  I'm lucky, i get to maybe talk to 10 people a day, those folks have to communicate with 100's of people and they all aren't as nice and polite as you.  I'm in awe of their patience I'll tell ya.


So go forth, shoot and make sure you submit footage to the GoPro awards!  Might as well see if you can get featured right?


Good luck and have an awesome weekend (Hey it's Thursday here, so it's nearly the weekend...)





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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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By the way - if you guys are making a multi-clip edit you can submit it to GoPro Awards and you could be featured :)


- Submit your High Quality 1080p edit to GoPro Awards
- Add #MyStory in Description
- Max 59sec + GoPro/Quik logo
- Song from GoPro/Quik Library
- Shot with GoPro & edited with GoPro/Quik App


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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems) @haindash

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Thanks Irish.


If you ever change your mind i quite happily by you a drink or contribute to your new cround funding campaign to help you publish your first weird since book

Vol.1 Physics and Poetry.  Your on to a winner there. 


I do understand what you are saying though with GoPro having to respond to allot of people and i imagine some of them aren't so pleasant

but saying that ..they are a company that makes money and like a-lot of company's these days.. realise a hardware product before the software is ready for it. they aren't alone but has been a big problem lately. my only one gripe with GoPro lately after using them since the hero 2 days is the lack of contact support. its so hard to get in contact with them on phone and impossible on chat the biggest problem is the not having a email address so i can just send them a email this is so extremely rare for a company not to have this especially a company so big as GoPro is.   This would save so many people complaining online a but the lack of customer service and also I imagine lighting the load for the admin on this site. Just some feedback for gopro is they are listening. 


Anyways mate you've been a total star and I'm very grateful for your time and help, i do hope they throw something your way!

I wish you all the best in the future and also with your new book. 


Keep busting them Rhymes /  Poetry

Kind Regards 


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Re: GoPro hero 9 (Front facing screen problems)

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Thank you for the heads up @haindash 


I think I'll get to working on that today (no time for workouts today, too many online meetings) but making a multi edit clip in between meetings would be fun.


Glad the new improved app bitrate will show off my shooting skills........  or lack thereof... in high quality!


Pity we can only use songs from the GoPro Quik library, there's a pretty cool harp player on soundcloud  ;P