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GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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DJI just set the table for GoPro.  as we all asked GoPro  for a Custome Profile DJI got that done.  We all like to see HDR in video DJI gott hat done.  DJI by the sounds of it was out in March of 2019 testing  the camera already made with beta firmwre two months ago.


GoPro did the same testing with Youtubers. So more or less GoPro has the Hero 8 polished up, getting their people together and handing out Beta testing camera's in the next month  and Yes weill we see or will we get or WILL WE HEAR.   No.


So what would we like to see in the Hero 8 Black


 post below  what would you compare the DJI  now to the Hero  Post below Let gopro  know  so the ycan again  hear what we said and want and see if the Hero 9 Black will get that


What wood  Like 2 C in the Hero 8 Black today

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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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I want to see a firmware update to the 7 Black which fixes the orientation freezing and low light issues.  That would make me see GoPro as a long term investment.


If we don't see that then be honest, who isn't going to look at the potentially better, cheaper rival and give that a try for a couple of generations?

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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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I think a new firmware is in order. The "rocksteady" crops the clip even more than the H7B to get better stabilization. I don't see why GoPro can't add another "extra hypersmooth" stabilization mode. I can do without the front screen even though it's convenient.

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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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SO watching clips of DJI  that said it all Give to   their chosen people, and  Launch it  some   gave info on this and that.  of the one's we all watched. they are not the Consumer yet and that is wherre I am waiting on.

March through May  DJI  vids show  one or two importan  things:  


  • Panning stutter
  • Low Light EIS issue

These were two GoPro  issues we all had with the camera  so is History repeating itself?  Do you like hearing more then a Beep for a  start and stop record?


Do you like the way the Housing case blocks the Mic ports


Do you like the Front &vrear tocuh screen  switch stopping  4 seconds and restarting record when switching


Do you like  that there is no  Iso min and max  adjustment but an ISO setting?


Do you like that there is not an HDMI Jack port


Do you like that there is not a correct Dongle  for  external mic


Do you like the newly designed  combo battery door.


These are just some of the pick ups  of the  downs I see of the camera  from  the Tubers out there , and can tehse  downs been addressed?


I do like the  screw on/off lens that is a must 


I do like the front display that it is optional to adjust  different sizes


I do like that Bluetooth is used for connections


Two or more other concerns that may stop you or  you may say"


  • TimeWarp
  • LiveStream
  • Highlight tagging
  • Dual recording vid + photo

No talk or show  of any of these features and did talk about how the camera used Bluetooth then wifi, but yet actually said streamed , they dshown how  livestream (miss worded) only so many feet 10 meters 30 feet or so, direct view of camera no obstruction.  SInce DJI is a Ambrella chip that feature of vid + Photo is most likely in there or will get added  


SO I am sure DJI is holding back then fully releasing it all, as Any Camera company woulddo is make a camera and start to add as they Go.     This is where GoPro has to step back up to the Plate. People are asking  about hte Hero 5 same Ambrella chip if so, to  increase the EIS up a level or two.  and that answer we know is  Ram or memmory.  


GoPro needs t ocome on and start addressing this Battery Issue that  they may have. Maybe they can simply  come in  and request member one t osend in their product and free ofcharge replace wit ha Inspected working one.  GoPro works on a One to One bases do they not.    We want to all Be happy and we are happy. Just a select few have issues and that is where the select must get to GoPro and gopro must step up and do the right thing.


DJI, GoPro whoever. you go to,  soem can afford and some can not but  it is a camera you choose and use and bottom line is we want to share moments then issues. 



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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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I don't want to get bogged down in comparisons to rival products here, until we see more 'in the wild' reports - hey Hero 7 Black reviews were pretty positive Day 1 too when Youtubers get them for free....


For the model 7 we have, I'd like to see:

  1. Address or admit to current issues, e.g. orientation/freezing, battery drain, low light issues.
  2. Dump the DRM on the mic adapter, it's just stupid - and enable BT mic connection - if you want vloggers, that's a good step.
  3. Skip a rollout year. Yes, that's risky with DJI coming in, but really, GoPro is getting a bad reputation for launch hardware/firmware, so possibly the company doesnt have the resources or focus for yearly rollouts.  Sort the existing lineup (5,6,7) or people will ignore the 8 and go DJI anyway.
  4. Fix and enhance Quik. Drop the login requirement - it just sends a bad signal.
  5. Support just tell customers to do manual firmware updates, so whatever is not right with your other update methods, fix that, it makes the process seem unsafe and perceived as blaming customers for something GoPro owns but hasn't got control of.

(I've got a whole blog post coming on this....)

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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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Support just tell customers to do manual firmware updates, so whatever is not right with your other update methods, fix that, it makes the process seem unsafe and perceived as blaming customers for something GoPro owns but hasn't got control of.


So much this! Even a recommended SD card list is weird. SD is a standard and the only thing you should pay attention to is the card's speed.

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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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Problem with "card speed" as even write speed (when given) doesn't tell the whole story. For example, SanDisk Extreme v30 cards list something like 90MB/s write, however when you look at the fine print it list 30MB/s sustained video write. While this card does meet minimum requirements for 4K and high fps recording, many cards that say "Up to" (and in laboratory or optimum conditions) don't meet the sustained write speed capability. Additionally, very few cards list of they use SLC, MLC, or TLC. This makes a very big difference in card quality and reliability.
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Re: GoPro hero 8 Black time to talk

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Interestingly, the GP1 chip does support HDR video. I thought for sure we would see it in the HERO7. However, even though the DJI camera has it, it doesn't work with stabilization turned on.

As far as the DJI stabilization, it's very good if you don't mind twice the crop of HERO7, the delay panning issue, poor performance in low light, and the weird warping that you can sometimes see. It's funny how many comments I saw from Sony, Yi, and even DJI fans regarding the Hypersmooth of HERO7 Black being too good and that it took out the realism and intensity of action sports. I remember in particular a long debate about how it made jumps look small. Not to mention how they blasted GoPro for a 10% crop. Now many of the same people are applauding the extreme crop super stabilization of DJI. Lol. GoPro can easily match it by just adding a Stabilization option with 20% crop. Hopefully they do the smart thing and just make Standard, Hypersmooth, and Super Hypersmooth an option on every resolution.

Then there are other things very few are mentioning.
1) No GPS
2) Exposed battery = more prone to serious damage/leaking and being effected by elements
3) Replaceable protective lens is because the front of the camera is the most likely area to be hit with pebbles, rocks, or other debris/objects. How are you going to replace the front glass screen when it cracks?
4) 4 second video pause when switching from back to front display
5) You can't interact with the front display. It's just to help you frame yourself. A wide angle action camera lens and your worried that you won't be in the frame? LOL. I guess it's because if the extreme crop, but really what is it, a vanity mirror? GoPro will probably do something similar, but I still think it's silly.
6) Burst Photo = 7 photos. That's Burst? Compare to GoPro 30/1 second.
7) Hyperlaps (TimeWarp) coming? Such a rush they could get this figured out in time?
8) No auto connection (Bluetooth > WiFi).
9) No auto uploading to Cloud service
10) The best they can do for slow motion is 1080p? No 2.7K/120fps? LMFAO

The DJI Osmo Action doesn't look terrible, but so many silly reviews and comments acting like it not only meets the HERO7 Black but actually beats it. It doesn't. And by the time DJI gets around to their updates, GoPro will have released their new cameras for DJI to catch up to.

DJI still hasn't released the waterproof housing for Osmo Pocket (which still has unresolved issues), and people talk like DJI is great at updates and keeping promises. LOL