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GoPro hero 7

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Last week I bought a GoPro 7 white to bring to my vacations in Cancun, now I’m here and the GoPro is not working! I’m so frustrated that I can’t use it. I bought especially for Cancun. I’m very disappointed with GoPro.
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Re: GoPro hero 7

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Hi @andressaburger


Sorry for any troubles caused.

What seems to be happening with your camera?

If your camera is freezing you may go over the steps on this link.

Other troubleshooting articles are also available via 





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Re: GoPro hero 7

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Search this site for "freezing". And Google "Hero 7 freezing". There is a serious flaw with this camera and GoPro will not admit to this cameras design/manufacturing failures.


This I promise you, you will not ever, as in never, receive a refund. The refund period is ONLY 30 days from purchase from GoPro.  And IF you request a refund during this time they will not do so and tell you that your MUST accept a warranty replacement. By the time all of this happens your 30 day window will have expired. So, their internal policies are such that you WILL NEVER RECEIVE A REFUND. 


I have been round and round with GoPro and am on my FIFTH camera in 67 days. I currently have a case open with my credit card company, have contacted the consumer protection agency (Federal Trade Commission) and am about to contact my states Attorney General. 


Good luck.

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Re: GoPro hero 7

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the reason searching "freezing" brings up so many replies is because of you spamming it. So far i've seen 6 or 7 copied & pasted replies from you within an hour about it, some not even relevant threads


as I said in the other thread, stop spamming & start reading (or get someone else to read while you look at the pretty pictures). If you read the help threads (that your burying) you might be able to figure what your doing to freeze it & get a camera that works